Google liked the rented office, now the company will buy for this much

Google liked the rented office, now the company will buy for this much

Search engine Google currently operates its London office for rental space. The company now loves the rental office so much that it plans to buy it for $ 7,400 billion. The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai also tweeted about it.

Google now plans to purchase its Central Saint Giles office space in central London for $ 1 billion (approximately Rs 7,400 crore). The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai wrote on Twitter that the company was committed to the growth and prosperity of the UK. So now the company is very happy to buy the London Saint Giles office. ”

Preparing for the Future: Sundar Pichai has said Google will now upgrade it as a flexible workplace for the future. While Google also built a new headquarters in London. The name of the company’s new headquarters is ‘The Landscraper’. The 11-story building will have swimming pools, indoor basketball courts for baths, and rooftop gardens. Work on the building is estimated to be completed this year.

The London office rental office is painted in attractive colors. Created by architect Renzo Piano. Central Saint Giles is near Oxford Street. The building is beautifully painted in red, green, orange, and yellow. The building has an office space of approximately 38,000 square meters while more than 100 apartments. It has restaurants and cafes on the floor.

The number of company employees in London will grow: According to reports, after this acquisition, Google will have 10,000 employees in the UK. There are currently 6,400 Google employees working in the UK. Of these, 700 joined the company last year alone. The company has 2 offices in London and Manchester.

Google has bought a building in central London for $ 1 billion (about Rs 7500 crore) to show confidence in the future of the office as a workplace, the technology giant said on Friday, January 14th.

Google has spent $ 1 billion on the building it currently rents. The tech giant currently employs 6,400 people in Britain.

Google plans to renovate its offices which will cost millions of pounds. The redevelopment will take place within the development of Central Saint Giles acquired by the company.

“We have been privileged to work in the UK for almost 20 years, and our acquisition of the development of Central Saint Giles reflects our continued commitment to the country’s growth and success,” said Ruth Porat, CFO of Google parent company Alphabet.

In addition, Google plans to renovate this property. The plan here is to make the building more user-friendly. The building will have mixed-use meeting rooms. The company will also aim to create more personal space.

The new changes to the building will also have covered exterior work areas for fresh air, the company said.

Before Google, the property was a joint venture between Legal & General Investment Management Real Assets and Mitsubishi Estate London Limited. Google said, “across all of our UK sites, Google will have 10,000 employees, as we continue to dedicate ourselves to the growth and success of the UK. This includes our new King’s Cross development, which is currently under construction.”

Contrary to the trend of the hybrid workplace, Google announced on Friday that it would buy a London office building for $ 1 billion. At first, it seems strange to spend so much money when there is an overhang of real estate, as businesses reduce their costs. A large percentage of people want to work remotely and say they will quit if they are forced to stop working at home. It is not a trivial matter, as about 4 million workers have recently resigned almost every month.


Its acquisition adds another $ 1 billion that Google is estimated to spend on the construction of “an 11-storey building, one million square feet [igidi sq m] of the track.” Back in September 2021, Forbes reported that a search giant bought a St. Paul’s Station building.

In a blog post by Google at the time, Ruth Porat, Alphabet, and Google CFO wrote, “Google has been fortunate enough to call New York City home for over 20 years, during which time it has grown to 12,000 employees. New York’s ingenuity, ingenuity, and world-class talent are what keep us focused here. That’s why we announce today that we are deepening our commitment to New York and intend to buy St. Louis. John’s Terminal in Manhattan for $ 2.1 billion, which will serve as the base for our new Hudson Square campus. “

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