How do I connect my Aadhar card to my voter id?

connect my Aadhar card to my voter id

The linking of the Aadhaar number with the individual’s voter ID card is an impactful manner to get rid of multiple and bogus voter ID cards in a single individual’s name. Following are the steps to link Aadhaar Card with voter ID:


Online Aadhaar linking through NVSP Portal

The linking of Aadhaar with voter ID could be done on NVSP. Once You go through their website, the following steps must be followed.

Step 1: Enter your information such as district, state, personal details such as father’s name, date of birth and name.

Step 2: Once you fill in all these info then, hit on the “Search” button. If the details given by you matches with the Gov. database, then the information will appear.

Step 3: Hit on “Feed Aadhaar No.” alternative which will be there on the left-hand side of your screen.

Step 4: Once you hit there, a pop-up page will display out where you will suppose to fill in your name as given in voter ID number, Aadhaar number, Aadhaar card, registered email address and/or registered mobile number.

Step 5: Hit on “submit” after entering in all the info.

Step 6: A message will display out on the screen stating that your application to link Aadhaar with voter ID has been registered well.

Link Aadhaar through SMS

To link your Aadhaar number with Voter ID, send an SMS to 166 OR 51969 in the provided format:

< Voter ID Number > < Aadhaar_Number >

Link Aadhaar through phone

Linking of Aadhar with Voter ID could also be done by calling the devoted call centres establish for this purpose or you can simply call 1950 on weekdays between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and given your Aadhaar card and Voter ID details for the purpose of linking.

Link through booth-level officers

Aadhar do also be connected with Voter ID by submitting an application to your respective Booth Level Officer (BLO). The information offered will be verified by the BLO and after verification, it will be flash out in the records.

Seeding Online through NVSP Portal

To seed your Aadhaar card with your EPIC card through the NVSP portal, kindly follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go through the official NVSP website run by the Gov. of India and enter you district, state and personal details such as father’s name, date of birth and name.
  • Once you have filled in the info, hit on the “Search” button. Your details will be shown out on screen if the details you entered matches with the gov. database information.
  • a “Feed Aadhaar No” alternative will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Hit on it, whereupon a pop-up window will be visible where you will have to feed in your name as per your Aadhaar number, your EPIC number, Aadhaar card and your registered email id and registered number.
  • After correctly entering in the details, hit “submit”.
  • A notification will be shown out on screen giving you information that your application to link EPIC and Aadhaar was registered well.

Is it compulsory to link Aadhaar to voter ID card?


What is the utilization of linking Aadhaar to Voter ID card?

It helps in checking the entry of repeat, invalid, false, multiple, and illegal voters.

How do I check out my Aadhaar card with voter ID?

Go through the official website of the UIDAI to check it.

In what way to link Aadhaar to voter ID card?

Go through the portal seeding website of the UIDAI and submit your info. Complete verification process utilizing OTP verification.

What are the Benefits of Voter ID?

There are numerous benefits of Voter ID as mentioned below:

  • It acts as a proof of identity and document
  • It acts as an acceptance that you are a registered voter
  • It is a proof that you are a Indian Citizen
  • It supports to eliminate fraudulent voting
  • In case of no fixed residence, it also operates as a proof of address

How do I check my Aadhaar card with voter ID?

By visiting the Permanent Enrolment Centre.

What is the EPIC number on Voter ID?

Electoral Photo Identity Cards Number as it is the number of your voter card number.

Is it mandatory to link voter card with Aadhar card?

As of now, the Gov. of India has not made it mandatory to link voter card with Aadhaar Card.

How do I identify that my Aadhaar card and voter ID are valid?

By checking the Aadhaar Number on UIDAI official website and same with the Voter ID.

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