Ujala Yojna

Ujala Yojna

Ujala scheme is a yojana of the Gov. of India, under which LED bulbs are given at lesser prices so that electricity can be saved. This plan was initiated by the PM of India, on 01 May 2015. Under this yojana, 9 crore LED bulbs were sold within a year, due to which an electricity bill of around Rs.550 crore was saved. On the lines of the Ujala scheme, the Grihini Suvidha scheme has been beginning in HP which is a tiny form of the Ujala scheme.



The key objective is to encourage efficient lighting, intensify awareness on utilizing efficient equipment which lessens electricity bills, and support preserving the environment.

Overall targets


  • Overall goal of the number of LED lights to be replaced up in 3 years – 770 million
  • Hope for annual energy savings – 105 bn KWh
  • Hope for reduction of peak load – 20,000 MW
  • Annual estimated greenhouse gas emission depletion –  79 million tonnes of CO2

Implementation agencies

EESL a public sector body of Gov. of India is executing the program.

Eligibility to acquire LED bulbs

Every grid-linked consumer having a metered connection from their corresponding Electricity Distribution Company does get the LED bulbs at about 40% of the market price under the UJALA Yojana. Consumers also have the alternative to pay for the LEDs in associated monthly installments.

States implemented

The UJALA is under implementation across the nation. To know the towns covered and the status of LED bulb distribution.

Procuring LED bulbs

The bulbs will be dispensed through special counters established at designated places in the city. These will not be accessible at any other location involving shops etc. There would be phase-wise distribution. The counter location is made accessible through the awareness drive (advertisements, leaflets, posters, etc) to inform the consumers.

Documents to be presented to get LED bulbs

  • latest electricity bill Photocopy
  • A photo ID proof copy
  • A residential proof copy (The residential proof address should match the address on the electricity bill.)
  • Cash advance in the instance of on-bill financing (balance amount get better from the electricity bill) or full amount in the instance of upfront payment for each LED. On the occasion of upfront payment, address proof is not compulsory.

In case of faulty bulbs/LED bulb fuses

LED bulbs have a pretty long life (> 15 years if utilized for 4-5 hours every day) and are not likely to short circuit. Though, if the LED bulb end working due to technical fault, EESL does offer three years free of cost warranty for all the technical defects. And the replacements would be done through designated retail stores that will be in communication after the distribution ends. Any EESL LED bulb can be replaced with some other organization EESL LED bulb.

Registering complaints

Complaints could be registered at http://support.eeslindia.org/

The maximum number of bulbs possess by a household

Through the UJALA yojana, consumers do avail from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 LED bulbs, depending on the region. Research specifies that a domestic family on average has 5-6 lighting points.

How the model works

  • EESL distributes LED bulbs to families at 40 % of market price
  • Total risk coverage and upfront investment is borne by Energy Efficiency Services Limited
  • DISCOM pays Energy Efficiency Services Limited from actual energy savings over 5 years
  • No subsidy required from gov.
  • No influence on electricity tariffs

The motive of Pradhan Mantri Gramin Ujala Yojana

The main purpose of the Ujala scheme is to reach energy efficiency in village zones. One LED will be offered for ₹ 10 through this plan. This will lessen power consumption and save up money. Through the Ujala scheme 2021, rural zones will generate and their standard of living will be refined. Through this plan, individuals of rural zones will have consciousness about energy efficiency so that the whole nation will be created.

 Features of PM Gramin Ujala Yojana 2021

Under the PM Ujala Yojana, LED bulbs will be offered to the family of rural zones for ₹ 10.

 Under this plan, three to four LED bulbs will be offered to each household.

 Ujala scheme 2021be begun began by Lethe SL of the public sector.

 This yojana will be executed in a phased manner in Vijayawada, Vadnagar, Nagpur, Arrah, and Varanasi.

 This yojana will be executed across the country by April.

 Through the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Ujala scheme, 60 crores LED bulbs will be given out to 15 to 20 crore beneficiaries.

Through PM Gramin Ujala scheme 2021, about 9325 crore electricity units would be saved annually.

Through this yojana, 76.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions will be lessened annually.

 Through this yojana, 50000 crores will be saved every year.

 No subsidy will be taken from the state and central gov. to execute the PM Gramin Ujala Yojana. EESL will bear the cost of this yojana.

 Cost recovery under this yojana will be completed through carbon trading.

 Through the PM Gramin Ujala scheme, individuals of rural zones will be conscious of energy efficiency.

 Through this yojana, the electricity bill will be reduced.

 Through this yojana, People’s money will be saved.

 Under this yojana, the utilization of LED bulbs will lessen the electricity consumption and the amount of carbon emitted due to immoderate consumption of electricity will lessen too. Due to which the env. will also be protected.

Under this yojana, the gov. is to pay a subsidy to these bulbs on the LED bulbs cost with a guarantee of 2.5 -3 years, due to which these bulbs will be obtainable at 40% less than the market price.

The motive of giving subsidies under this yojana is to intensify the utilization of LED bulbs.


Aadhar Card

Electricity bills or phone bills can be given as proof of home address.


voter id card


Under the UJALA yojana, electrical devices could be purchased at MRP through the gov.-appointed CSC digital service portal.

Under this yojana, at least 4 ceiling fans, 50 LED bulbs, and 20 tube lights do purchase at reasonable prices. To buy these devices, you suppose to place an order at the CSC near you.

Under the UJALA yojana, EESL Center offers a warranty on electrical equipment.





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