How to Renew or Apply for a Driver’s License Online

Driver's License Online

It is mandatory for anyone who needs to drive a vehicle on public roads to hold a valid DL as specified by Indian Motor Vehicles Act. It is vital to have the DL renewed to be able to continue utilizing a vehicle. An expired Driving License is only valid for 30 days and if you acquire it renew after that but within 1 year, you require to pay a penalty. The charges for DL renewal are around Rs. 200. The fees could differ from state to state.


Here is how to renew a driving license online

  • Visit the official website of the Parivahan board.
  • Now choose “Apply Online” on the menu left side.
  • Then, press on DL Related Services.
  • Choose the State from where the service is supposed to be taken.
  • Then you will be deflected to a new page; here, press on apply online and then choose Services on Driving License.
  • You will get instructions on how to fill up your application form. Read them properly before proceeding. Press ‘Next’ when you’re done.
  • Enter your Pincode, current license number and birth date, and other details.
  • Next, you would come across “Required Services” which would exhibit only those services which are relevant to your existing driving license. You should select “Renewal” from the given alternatives.
  • You will then be needed to fill up any other applicable personal and/or vehicle-associated details given in the form.
  • Upload your signature and photo. Remember, this feature is only accessible for certain states.
  • Book a space for your test if there are modifications to your medical certificate.
  • Once you absorb all these steps, you will be deflected to an Acknowledgement page where you will be allowed to view your application ID (It is suggested that you print it). You will also get an SMS on your registered phone number with all details.
  • The amount payable to renew the Driving License is INR 200. Do the payment via credit card or net banking/debit.

Why renew your driving license

Driving in absence of a valid Driving License is an offense in our country. This makes it important to renew DL before the expiry date. A permanent DL is valid till the age of 50 or for 20 years.

How to Renew Drivers License?

As you know, you need a driving license to drive your motor vehicle on Indian roads. It is one of the mandatory certificates a vehicle owner must obtain at all times. Considering the driving license comes with longer validity, most individuals tend to fail to remember its approaching expiry date.

If your DL is due for renewal, here are the ways you require to follow to renew your DL in India :-

  1. Go to the RTO website.
  2. Press the ‘Driving Licence’ tab.
  3. You will be deflected to a new page. Press on the ‘Renewal of Driving Licence’ alternative.
  4. Put in an application for Smart Card Driving Licence and pay the necessary fee of Rs. 200.
  5. Upload the required documents for verification.
  6. Upon fortunate verification, the new driving license will be provided to you shortly.

Keep up all the vehicle-associated documents up to date will make certain that you do not face up any penalties for missing certificates when asked by a traffic officer.

Driver's License Online

Where Do you File an Application to Renew your DL?

You require to submit the duly filled Driving License renewal application form with the requested certificates at the nearest RTO. On the other side, you do apply online as well. The DL is renewed for three years for transport vehicles and non-transport vehicles are renewed for five years. It normally takes 20 days after giving in the application to acquire the renewed DL.

Driving Licence Renewal Form

It is what you must look for when renewing your Driving License. This certificate can be easy way downloaded from the related RTO site or is accessible at the local RTO office.

The Form 9 

  • Form of Application for Renewal of the DL is pretty simple to understand.
  • The certificate has some informational queries that the candidate requires to fill out. A significant chunk of these queries is connected to the existing Driving License information.
  • After duly filling up the form, the candidate must attach the requested papers before proceeding out with the DL renewal process.
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