DuckDuckGo Usage Stats for 2022

DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo Usage Stats for 2022. DuckDuckGo’s full-time search number exceeds 71.9 billion. DuckDuckGo incorporates a median of ninety 8.79 million search queries per day. Globally, DuckDuckGo needs 0.66% of the search engine marketplace share. In the USA, it has a share of 2.45%. DuckDuckGo is the second maximum popular search engine on cellular devices inside the US. The daily search for DuckDuckGo On average, DuckDuckGo tactics ninety-eight. Seventy-nine million seek queries per day. Daily search pastime increased with the aid of 1.86x closing yr, up from 52.95 million search outcomes in February 2020.

DuckDuckGo processes 98.79 million search queries in line with day The common range of everyday queries on DuckDuckGo has grown by 9.17x given January 2015. DuckDuckGo Annual Search queries Last year, DuckDuckGo mentioned a complete of 23.65 billion seek queries. The annual search volume has grown by 56.8% as compared to 2019. DuckDuckGo Annual Search queries In truth, DuckDuckGo searches in 2020 handed the entire quantity of searches conducted between 2010 and 2017 by 41.26%.

Global DuckDuckGo Market Share In all forums around the sector, DuckDuckGo seeks 0.63% of the search engine market percentage. That makes it the 10th most famous search engine in the global. The DuckDuckGo marketplace proportion has been developing regularly seeing that 2013, at that point retaining the simplest 0.01% of the global market. Global DuckDuckGo laptop marketplace proportion DuckDuckGo owns 0.88% of the global computer seek marketplace. This makes it the 4th maximum famous seek engine among computing device customers, behind Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Global DuckDuckGo computer marketplace shares DuckDuckGo’s percentage of the desktop search market has grown by 2.31x in view that 2018, from 0 to 38%.

Global DuckDuckGo marketplace share DuckDuckGo demands a 0.48% proportion of the global seeks the engine market. Listed in the fifth location, at the back of Google, Baidu, Yahoo, and Yandex. Global DuckDuckGo market shares The cell marketplace seemed tougher to get DuckDuckGo cracked than the computer marketplace. DuckDuckGo holds almost double the computing device market (0.88%). However, the mobile market share is continuously growing. DuckDuckGo American market proportion In the USA, DuckDuckGo demands 2.45% of the search engine market share for all sorts of gadgets.

DuckDuckGo is the 4th maximum widely used search engine in the global, following Google, Bing, and Yahoo. DuckDuckGo American market share Yahoo, the closest competitor, is a bit ahead: it has a 2. 99% shares of America seek marketplace. DuckDuckGo marketplace percentage (at%) has grown by 4.71x because 2017.

DuckDuckGo US percentage market cellular DuckDuckGo owns 2. 42% of the United States mobile search marketplace. This makes it the second one maximum popular cellular seek engine in the US. Only the most famous Google, with a market share of 94. 36%. DuckDuckGo US percentage market cell Globally, DuckDuckGo has a transportable marketplace share of 0.48%. But the hunt engine has effectively entered the American cellular marketplace. DuckDuckGo sought 2nd location in Yahoo (1. 91%).


Downloads of DuckDuckGo app

DuckDuckGo provides mobile surfing programs for both iOS and Android. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for iPhone customers turned into downloaded four hundred,000 instances in February 2021 by myself.

DuckDuckGo Donations

DuckDuckGo makes donations to corporations related to online privateness. The enterprise has donated $ 750,000 to 15 businesses by using 2020. Its biggest contribution ($ 2 hundred,000) has been allotted to the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP). DuckDuckGo has donated $ 2,673,549 given that 2011. How many people paintings on DuckDuckGo? DuckDuckGo has 124 personnel, running remotely from greater than 15 international locations. Headcount improved through forty-eight.19% ultimate yr, with 41 new personnel joining a far-flung team.

DuckDuckGo aid

DuckDuckGo raised $ 13 million in two rounds of sponsorship. Its most recent round (Series B), introduced in August 2018, has raised $ 10 million. DuckDuckGo has 8 buyers, 7 of whom invested all through the start of series A in 2011. The sum of money after DuckDuckGo Since the ultimate round of investment (August 2018), DuckDuckGo became anticipated at $ 74. 8 million. The rate has grown by 3.77x because of 2011.


That’s the simplest one on my DuckDuckGo facts listing for 2022. The seek engine enjoys a strong increase, particularly amongst customers who support privateness. From a market percentage that become nearly non-existent some years ago, DuckDuckGo is now the second most famous cell search engine in the US. So it will likely be exciting to peer what the future holds. Despite robust increases, DuckDuckGo nonetheless faces an essential obstacle to dominating Google’s seek engine globally.

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