Punjab Free Sanitary Napkin Scheme 2021 | Muft Sanitary Pad Yojana for School Girls by Captain Amarinder Singh

Sanitary Napkin

The main objective of Scheme is to sanction free distribution of sanitary napkins to women students. The Program is an effort to harmonize public debates about menstrual hygiene. This is a great initiative of the government as menstrual hygiene is every women right.


Menstrual Hygiene Awareness through free Sanitary pad program

The government of Punjab require to give napkins to school and college girls for free, which will arise awareness among women’s about the necessity and importance of menstrual hygiene. This problem of women’s has always been considered a matter of secretion, but the government of Punjab has attempted to increase women’s encouragement by taking such steps. To take care that women’s get better treatment, the government is also preparing to assemble awareness camps for boys in numerous colleges and schools.

Punjab Free Sanitary Pads yojana Salient Features

  • These sanitary napkins will remain accessible in packets priced absolutely free.
  • These affordable sanitary pads are easier to dispose which will support in keeping environment clean.
  • Biodegradable napkins are of high quality and will encourage Suvidha, Swachhta, and Swasthya for poor women.
  • This program will encourage menstrual hygiene, offer big relief to the women and girls and will result in Women Empowerment.
  • Sanitary Napkin Program is a big initiative towards Waste to Wealth Management.

Launch of free sanitary napkin program in Punjab

As early as 2021, some minister has declared to provide sanitary pads to all the students of college and high school for free. Also, individuals living in village zones, especially those belong to slums across the punjab, will be aware of this yojana. The initial month of the year 2021, i.e. January, the state Minister has declared this program by devoting it to the girls.

In Conclusion

With the execution of the program, the conversation around sanitary pads can now become all the more eminent. Persons will now register the normality around it and make certain that they inspire more girls to practice hygienic techniques to deal with menstruation.

This could well be the initial step in women empowerment – permitting women to exercise hygienic methods for biological technique. This will make them less aware about their bodies and thereby sanction them to concentrate on their work or studies a lot more. A country is only as progressive as it treats its girls.

With this program, girls would be well-treated as it signify that basic hygiene must not be a luxury; it must be a privilege. And that is absolutely the message that the execution of this program sends across.

What is the hazard when a women does not practice menstrual hygiene?

Urinary Tract Infection: This is the most usual form of infection that is available in girl practicing poor menstrual hygiene. UTI signify one of the most sincere health risks in periods where hygiene is settled.

How do you throw away of sanitary pads?

Sanitary pad must never be flushed down the toilet as it probably block the drainage system and open up to flooding of the toilet. After utilizing, a disposable pad must be wrapped in a waste paper or newspaper and keep it in a garbage bin.

 Is it alright to burn sanitary napkins?

Burn up is a great technique to get rid of of menstrual waste but incineration of napkins releases harmful gasses that impacts environment and health. Burning of inorganic material at low temperature let go dioxins which are carcinogenic and toxic in nature.

How do you get rid of feminine hygiene at sweet household?

Wrap up dirty feminine hygiene products.
The most respectful and responsible manner to dispose of a mooncup (and applicator) or pad is to wrap it in scented small bags, toilet paper, and facial tissue made for wrapping mooncup in before disposal. Do not just release dirty products in a waste bin unpacked.

free sanitary pads program has been initiated in which state?


Who will be the beneficiaries of the free sanitary napkin yojana?

Girls studying in Punjab’s college and high school

What is the basis of free sanitary pads program?

Awareness and Spreading hygiene towards menstruation

What steps has the Government of Punjab taken to tell men about menstruation?

Awareness camps for boys will be set up in motion in various schools.

Will womens be charged for sanitary pads received under this yojana?

No, it will be free

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