Madagascar 2005 is a American computer-animated comedy film distributed by Dream Works Pictures and produced by Dream Works Animation. It was directed by Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell and written by Billy Frolick, Mark Burton, McGrath, and Darnell.

At the Central Park Zoo, Marty the zebra celebrated his tenth birthday but has grown dull, disinterested with his daily regime, and longs to experience the wildlife. Marty’s best buddy is Alex the lion, who loves and enjoys showing off for the public and his celebrity status as the king of New York. Alex do ones best hard to motivate Marty up, but Marty, still irritated, learns that the zoo’s penguins— Kowalski, Skipper, Private, and Rico—are set out to escape, and follows them out. Alex, Gloria the hippopotamus, and Melman the giraffe chase Marty and try to convince him to return.


The four, along with the two chimpanzees named Phil and Mason and the penguins, connect at Grand Central Station where the authorities serene them utilizing tranquilizer guns. Under pressure from anti-captivity reformers, the zoo is pushed to ship the run away animals by sea to a Kenyan wildlife preserve. During their travels, the penguins run off and take over the ship, aim on taking it to Antarctica. Their amusing behaviour on the bridge root the crates containing Gloria, Melman, Marty, and Alex to fall overboard and wash on to the shore on Madagascar. The animals come across a group of lemurs led by King Julien XIII. The hunting fossa taking aggressive action against the lemurs, but are feared off by Alex’s fearsome appearance. Alex blames Marty for the group’s difficult situation and try to signal for assistance to get back to civilization.

Marty explore the wild to be exactly what he was looking for, and Melman and Gloria soon joined him in loving the island. Alex in due course comes around, but without the raw sausages he was given at the zoo, hunger sets in and his prey drive starts to show. When Alex mislay control and attacks Marty, Julien understand that he is a threat and expel him to the shark side of the island, where the fossa reside. Seeing what has occured to Alex, and how threatening the wild can be, Marty start to sorry his decision to leave the zoo.

The penguins, having discover Antarctica to be uninviting, land the ship at Madagascar. Seeing the opportunity to return Alex to New York, Marty travel across over to the predator side and try to satisfy the howl, starving Alex to return, but Alex decline out of fear that he will again attack Marty. The fossa strike Marty, and though penguins, Gloria, and Mel man come to the rescue, they are beaten. Alex control his predatory instincts, save his buddies, and frighten the fossa away from the lemur area forever. The lemurs recover their respect for Alex, and the penguins please his hunger by providing food him sushi. As the lemurs cast a farewell merrymaking for the foursome, the penguins decided not to crack the news that the ship has running out of fuel.

The zoo is tensed to ship the runaway animals by sea to a Kenyan wildlife under great pressure from anti-captivity campaigners. During their travels, the penguins run off and take over the ship, purpose of taking it to Antarctica.


Basically, the story line follows a group of zoo animals after a series of misadventures found themselves washed ashore on the eponymous island, where they befriend a group of lemurs after defending them from the savage fossas. However, issues arise when the only creature of the team Alex, a lion, at a slow pace surrender to his savage side.

Released May 27, 2005, Madagascar 2005 full movie undergo miscellaneous reviews from critics but was a favorable victory at the box office, becoming the sixth highest-earning movie of 2005. It set in motion the Madagascar franchise which involves the sequels Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa; the spin-off film Penguins of Madagascar (2014); some short movies, TV series, and specials; and a number of live stage shows, video games, and theme park attractions.

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