Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal

What is Punjab Grain Procurement Portal?

It has been initiated by the Department of Fertilizer Supply and Consumer Affairs, Punjab. Through this portal, the government can procure paddy through online mode. Farmers of Punjab will be skilled to trade in food grains through this portal. Through this portal, the allotment of mills and their registration will also be done online and apart from this there is other process like depositing application fee, monitoring stock etc. will also be finished through this portal.

Through this blog, we will offer you the method of getting Miller Registration and Arthiya Registration done on Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal. So buddies, if you require to attain all the information connected to Punjab Grain Purchase Portal, then read this blog for sure.


Purpose of Punjab Grain Procurement Portal

The basic aim of this portal is to do fair distribution of food items. Through which a large number of fertilizer money can be collected from the farmers. This portal is dedicated for the farmers applying for Arthiya, Flour Mill. Many issues of farmers will be resolved through Punjab Grain Purchase Portal.

Advantages of Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal

⦁ Punjab Grain Procurement Portal has been launched by the Punjab Government.
⦁ This portal will be operated by Department of Fertilizer Supply and Consumer Affairs Punjab.
⦁ Through the Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal, the government will ensure that there is a smooth distribution of fertilizers in the country.
⦁ This portal will be completely dedicated to the farmers applying for Arthiya, Atta Mills.
⦁ To take advantage of this portal, farmers have to apply on this portal.
⦁ Through this portal, many issues of the farmers of Punjab will be answered.
⦁ Maintaining Public Distribution System (PDS):- Proper functioning of websites will assist the state authority to maintain the smooth functioning of Public Distribution System of food grains.
⦁ The launch of this portal will support millers and farmers to get food grains. The state government do obtain around 170 lakh metric tonnes of paddy.


Apply on Punjab Grain Purchase Portal Eligibility

⦁ To apply on Anaaj Kharid Portal, it is mandatory for the applicant to be a permanent resident of Punjab.
⦁ All those farmers who have the details of income and crop production can apply for this scheme.
⦁ To apply for this scheme, it is mandatory for the applicant to fulfill the guidelines set by the government.

Important Documents to Apply on Punjab Grain Purchase Portal
⦁ Address proof
⦁ Aadhar card
⦁ pan card copy
⦁ cancel check
⦁ passport size photograph
⦁ ration
⦁ income certificate license copy

Process of Arthiya Registration on Punjab Grain Purchase Portal

⦁ Initially you suppose to visit the official website of Punjab Grain Purchase Portal.


⦁ Now the home page do appear in front of you.

⦁ On the home page, you supposed to select on the link of Arthiya Registration.


⦁ After this a new page will appear in front of you in which you suppose to enter your cell number.

⦁ Now OTP will come on your mobile which you have to fill in OTP box.

⦁ You suppose to select the Continue button.

⦁ As soon as you click on Continue button a registration form will open in front of you.

⦁ You will have to fill the information asked in the registration form such as PAN number, mobile number, license number, email id etc.

⦁ After this, you will have to upload the cancellation check, license copy photo, pen copy.

⦁ Now you have to fill your proprietor details and bank details.

⦁ After that you suppose to click on submit button.

⦁ Your acknowledgment number will be generated as soon as you click on the submit button.

How to do Farmer Registration?

⦁ To start with, you suppose to visit to the official website of the scheme. After going through the official website, the home page will appear in front of you.

⦁ On this page, you will be able to see the option of Farmer Registration. You suppose to click on this option.


⦁ After clicking on the option, the next page is visible in front of you. On this page you suppose to select the registration type.

⦁ In this, you suppose to click on the option of Indian / Resident Indian. After clicking on the option, the form will appear in front of you, in which you suppose to fill your cell number, arthiya details, bank account details. After filling all the details you suppose to click on the submit button. In this manner your registration will be ended.

How to login on anaajkharid.in portal?

⦁ Initially, visit the official website of Punjab Grain Purchase. After that, the home page will be visible in front of you.

⦁ On this home page you will be able to look at the login option, as you have to click on the option. After that, the next page will appear in front of you.


⦁ On this page you will be able to look at the login form, in this form you suppose to fill password and username etc. and then click on the login button. After that you are able to logged in.

Procedure to Register for Flour Mill

If you need to register a flour mill, then you have to follow the process given here.
⦁ Initially, go through official website of Portal.
⦁ On the homepage, you suppose to open the Miller Register link on the website.
⦁ Now a new page will appear in front of you, where you suppose to click on the link to register.


⦁ After that, a new page will appear in front of you, where you will be given two options, namely, to apply for final registration and temporary permission for a new rice mill. You can pick as per your requirement.
⦁ After selection, a new page will appear in front of you. Where you will be able to get the registration form.

dept food

⦁ You should fill in all the details required on this form such as your address, name, etc.
⦁ After that, you suppose to click on the Submit button.
⦁ The registration procedure will be finished.

Contact Information

Through this blog, we have provided you all the important information related to Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal. If you are still facing any kind of problem then you can solve your problem by contacting on helpline number or via email. The email id and helpline number are as follows.

⦁ Helpline Number- 7743011156, 7743011157
⦁ Email Id- ⦁ [email protected]

Punjab Anaj Kharid Login

Benefits and Features have been provided through Punjab Anaj kharid Portal :
⦁ For giving benefits to farmers of the state as the Punjab Government has allowed Punjab Anaj kharid Portal.
⦁ Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department take hold of the responsibility for the portal. So that it really works rightly for the farmers.
⦁ Also, through the online portal method, the government has done the Paddy Procurement.
⦁ Due to this online portal, the government think about the dispersal of crops done evenly in our nation.
⦁ Farmers who need to register for this portal can also have profits for applying in Arthiya and Atta mills.
⦁ But before getting the profit of online services, the candidate require to apply on the Punjab Anaj kharid Portal.
⦁ After that, the farmers do buy and sell the product for agriculture for farming.
⦁ Due to online Punjab Anaj kharid Portal, lots of problems can be answered for our state farmers.

Name of the Portal Punjab Anaj kharid Portal
Service ProvidedThrough Online mode
Launched byThe State Government of Punjab
Worked underPunjab State Government
Its benefitsTo provide a platform for selling crops without any problem.
BeneficiariesFarmers of Punjab state
Official LinkAvailable here

Punjab Anaj Kharid Miller Registration

⦁ Initially, Farmers supposed to open the official website that is https://anaajkharid.in/
⦁ Click on the “Miller Registration” option from the home page of the official website.
⦁ Now a new page appears where it will look out for New registration or already registered 
⦁ Pick up the initial one New registration option 
⦁ After this choose out one of them “Final Registration of new rice mill
or Apply for provisional permission
⦁ Now a registration form will come out there 
⦁ Fill your information correctly in this form 
⦁ Do fix up the mandatory documents 
⦁ After that, click to the submit option 

Punjab Anaj Kharid Online Apply

Punjab Anaj Kharid Eligibility basis for Registration: anaajkharid.in farmer registration
⦁ Applicant require to go through some eligibility criteria decided by the department as for becoming part of the Punjab Anaj kharid Portal.
⦁ Firstly, the aspirant must be working as a farmer in Punjab state.
⦁ Secondly, farmers must be permanent residents of Punjab.
⦁ Thirdly, farmers must have all the information connected to their crop production. And also about their income status information needed during registration in the portal.
⦁ In addition, the guidelines and rules have also been provided to the farmers. And this has to be lead by the aspirant farmers which has mandatory for them.
⦁ Also, they must have all the documents which have needed to complete the registration in this portal.

Documents needed for Punjab Anaj kharid Portal Registration :

⦁ Permanent Resident Certificate
⦁ Or Domicile Certificate
⦁ Aadhar Card
⦁ PAN Card
⦁ Ration Card
⦁ Photo Identity Proof
⦁ Income Certificate
⦁ Passport Size photograph
⦁ Mobile Number

Key Features of Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal-

Maintain a Public Distribution System (PDS): – The proper function of the websites will help the state authority to balance the fine and fair operations of the Public Distribution System of food grains.
Online Registration: – Both mill owners and farmers do complete their registration by logging in on the official portal. It makes the process paperless and pretty easier.
Streamlined Grain Procurement: – The introduction of this portal will help in getting grains from millers and farmers. The state government will obtain around 170 lakh metric tonnes of paddy.
Number of Registered Mills: – The state government reflected that rice will be obtained from as many as 4,150 registered mills
An All-inclusive Portal: – All the activities, ranging from mill registration and farmer to fee payments will be keep tracked through this portal.

Apply on Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal Eligibility

⦁ The aspirant should be a permanent resident of Punjab as to apply on Anaaj Kharid Portal.
⦁ All those farmers who have information of crop production and income can apply for this scheme.
⦁ To apply for this plan, the aspirant has to fulfill the rules and guidelines set up by the government.

How to enrol for Miller Online Certification for Anaj Kharid Portal?

⦁ If a rice miller require to register on this portal, then they should click on the ⦁ “Miller Registration” link to access the page. In the new web page, the miller will see various links, which correspond to a particular form. One do select as per requirement.


⦁ If a miller need to register for the very first time, then just select on the “New Registration” option. If they are register applicants then instead select the “Login” option.
⦁ The miller must pick up the option that say Apply for Provisional Permission or Final Registration of New Rice Mill to get the right form.
⦁ After verification of cell number, the millers will be able to type in the required information in the online registration document.

form 1

⦁ To complete the enrollment procedure, the miller should click on the “Submit” button.
⦁ Now the online application to obtain Provisional Permission for the establishment for Final Registrations of New Mill/new rice mill is finished.
Incentives for the Mill Owners:
⦁ If the registered mill has finished the specified million operations by 31 January 2021, the Punjab state govt. will reward an additional 15% on the total price of the acquired paddy.
⦁ If the mill has finished the operations by the end of February 2021, a 10% additional fee will be given to the millers.

Login to Anaj Kharid Portal:

After victorious registration to the portal, the Miller and Aarthiya do easily log in to the official website of Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Government of Punjab


⦁ Visit the official portal of Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal.
⦁ Click on the ⦁ “Login” button on the homepage of the website.
⦁ Then enter your User Name & Password.
⦁ After entering the Captcha Code, click on the “Sign In” button.

What is the beginning date of procurement of paddy in Punjab?

The government of punjab has instructed to begin procurement from September 27, 2020, instead of October 1 as in view of advance arrival of paddy in the state mandis.

What is the main aim of Annaj Kharid Portal?

The basic purpose of this portal is the fair distribution of food items. With it, a large amount of fertilizer cash can be collected from farmers. This portal is done on purpose for farmers applying for an Arthiya mill.

What is the new Punjab Custom Milling Policy?

To take care of the problem of wetness content in Cutom Milling Policy, the policy set forth compulsory installation of sortex and dryer for a new mill and/or in case of enhancement of capacity. The goal is to finish transporting all due rice to Food Corporation of India and the custom milling of paddy by March 31, 2021.

At the AnaajKharid Portal, who can make login and registration?

Farmers who put in an application under the Anaaj Kharid portal should be permanent citizens of the Punjab state. Farmers of Punjab supposed to go through guidelines carefully. After that, they do fill up “Anaaj Kharid farmer registration form”. The farmer also require to submit the information of the production of crops and yearly income.

What are arthiyas in Punjab?

Notably, there are almost around 28,000 registered arthiyas in Punjab, who are engaged in the procurement of maize, cotton, basmati, paddy, wheat and other crops under the APMC Act of Punjab state. Arthiyas act as a mentor between supply chain agencies like the FCI and the farmer and get 2.5% commission per quintal.
middlemen or often familiar to as arthiyas, ease out the transaction between the actual buyers and farmers, make them more akin to a broker. The buyer might be an exporter, a personal trader, a government agency like the Food Corporation of India (FCI) or a processor.

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