PB E-District Portal – CSC Registration, Certificates

e-district platform of Punjab provides PB government services to all citizens of Punjab state through Common Service Centers(CSC) which are easily accessible and to improve the delivery of different public services and making these simpler in means of accessing them.


How to apply for E District in Punjab?

Welcome to e-District Portal. Please carry a filled in service request form, required fee and required proofs while visiting the GSC. Your Suwidha center/GSC will receive your application, receive the payment, scan the documents and issue you with a receipt bearing unique DSN number

How to verify GSC registration certificate in Punjab?

Verify GSC registration certificate at GSC location along with expiry date of the certificate. under the e-District Scheme, The GSC should be registered and current service provider. for accuracy of data, Verify the electronic application entered by GSC. Provide true and accurate data to the GSC.

What are the benefits of punjab E District?

  • The portal aims at providing quicker processing of public grievances / appeals/ cases, dissemination of details as per public requirement.
  • The portal has the benefits of the service delivery, online payment, approval of services and service request.
  • This e-district portal facilitates different online service request with numerous departments.
  • The portal gives out accurate and latest information connected to the services and functions provided by the Government of Punjab.
  • It was developed to provide convenient and easy services to the citizens through remote access primarily through Public Facilitation Centres/Common Service Centres.

What is the purpose of Punjab e-District CSC?

The basic goal to target high volume get delivered at the District level and to undertake back-end computerization to authorize the delivery of citizen services through Common Service Centres in a structured manner.

Following are the services available on Punjab e District

  • Certificates: distribution and creation of certificates for Death, birth, caste, domicile, income etc.
  • Licences: Arms Licenses etc.
  • Issue of Ration Card, etc. as Public Distribution System (PDS)
  • Disbursement of old-age pensions, widow pensions, family pensions, etc as Social Welfare Schemes.

How to get Punjab E District Caste Certificate?

Online Applying Process:

  • Open Link of Punjab E-District for caste certificate. here is the link to go through this link
  •   Fill up the Form and Create a Password and Login Id.(Note Down your ID & Password)
  •   Then Click on “Register”.
  •   after Register, Open the Link.


  •   Enter your Created Password and Login ID.
  •   After logging in for the initial time, applicant will be asked to update their profile. Please update it.
  •   Then Click on “Fresh Application” link.
  •   On the next screen, all Department wise services are set down. Select the service you require to apply for and click the Apply link next to the service.
  •   On the Fresh Application screen, go to 2 Alternative (Online Form application) zone and click on where Click here to fill the application form online” link.
  •   Fill up the Form.
  •   Then Click on “Submit”.
  •   Then Click “View Saved Application” link, choose the application and then click “Upload Supporting Documents” button.

caste certificate

Upload the supportive documents.

login caste certificate

Benefits of the Certificate

  • Education Scholarships
  • SC candidates reservation in IIT and IIM institutions
  • Government jobs reservation
  • Politics reservation
  • Pension Schemes reservation
  • Train reservation

How to get punjab E District Death Certificate?

In Punjab, you do Search online for Death Certificate and check the status from the website of http://edistrict.punjabgovt.gov.in/. There is no requirement of visiting Registration office initially to Search and apply for Death Certificate. Status of Death Certificate can also be searched online by going through the website.

pb death certificate

How is Punjab Birth Certificate made?

Step 1: The user should visit the official website of Punjab.

Step 2: Click on Citizen login on the home page of the portal.

Step 3:  On the ‘Next’ page, select “Issuance of Birth certificate (urban zones)” from the record of online services.

Step 4: Then, click on “Apply online” which can be listed below the urban birth certificate option.

Step 5: Fill the form with needed details and fix up the scanned documents.

How to apply for e-District citizen Services Online?

Online form Instructions:

  1.     On the Portal https://punjab.gov.in/  of Punjab, click on the Citizen Login link.
  2.     If you are a pretty new user, click on “New User” tab, else login with your Password and Username.
  3.     After logging in for the initial time, applicant will be asked to update the profile. Request yo to update it.
  4.     Then Click on “Fresh Application” link in the menu.
  5.     On the next screen, all Department wise services are given. Select the service you need to apply for and then click the “Apply” link next to the service.
  6.     On the Fresh Application screen, go to second Alternative (Online Form application) section and click on “Click here to fill the application form online” link.
  7.     Fill up the form and then click “Submit”.
  8.     Click “View Saved Application” link, choose the application and click “Upload Supporting Documents” button.

9.      Upload the supportive papers.

How to apply residence certificate in Punjab?

Punjab Domicile Certificate

Domicile certificate is a legal paper which is issued by the State Government of Punjab to verify the residential status of a person in a particular state. Here, we look at the process for obtaining domicile certificate in the Punjab state.

Purpose of Domicile Certificate

Domicile certificate permit the individual to avail various gains as below:

  • To use the resident reservation quota in educational colleges.
  • To apply for the resident quota reservation in Government job places.
  • To avail the proof of residence in the Punjab state

domicile certificate pb

Eligibility Criteria

Below listed are the eligibility criteria to obtain a domicile certificate from the government of Punjab:

  • As per eligibility, The user must be a resident of Punjab(permanent one)
  • Women who may not connected to the state by birth, but married to a confirmed permanent resident of the Punjab state.

Documents Required

Below given documents are to be given by the applicant, along with the application form.

  • Birth certificate or Proof of Birth
  • Copy of Ration Card
  • Proof of residence
  • Copy of School certificate
  • from Municipal counselor as arrange the copy of verification certificate

Fee structure

The applicant do apply for domicile certificate by cancelling a processing fee of Rs. 12  per copy.

Online Application Procedure

Follow the steps given here to register for domicile certificate,

Step 1: The user has to visit the Government website of Punjab.

Step 2:  From the portal, click on Citizen Login on the home page.

Step 3:  On the ‘Next’ page, select “Resident certificate” from the list of services.

Step 4: Then, click on the “Apply online” option, which can be given below the residence certificate.

Step 5: Fill the form with necessary details and fix up the scanned documents.

How to apply old age pension certificate in Punjab?

  •   Via online method, visit the Punjab government website and then choose as a new or returning user (in case you have the Password and Login id).
  •   If you are initial time applicant then you will have to generate password and ID that can be utilized for logging in to your account from the web portal.
  • When developing a profile you have to submit all complete information for updating the profile. Then you can choose online application form for filling up the details.
  • Your select has to be made from amongst various services and schemes from the main page. Once selected, you suppose to click the “apply” option.
  • The selection of application form supposed to be done from the given options. You have to complete the form by giving your details.
  • When filling in your details ensure that you ignore making errors. Once complete information have been provided by you then you just have to click the “submit” option.
  • Save the application form for your future reference so you do verify with its status at any point of time. You also have to submit all your paper work along with the application form as upload format.

How to apply for the Widow Pension certificate in Punjab?

Objectives of the Scheme

  • To strengthen the penniless women of the state by offering a better livelihood.
  • To reduce the burden of the poor women and make the survival of the women.
  • To provide financial and social security for the women in the state.

Eligibility Criteria

The category of applicants listed below do apply for the scheme.

  • residents of Punjab (permanent one)
  • The age limit of the user must be below 58 years.
  • The user must belong to the category of Below Poverty Line (BPL).
  • The user must not avail any financial assistance or pension under Central or state Government relate to the widow pension scheme.

Note: In the case of unmarried one, the age limit of the user must be above 30 years.

Documents Required

The paper work that is required to apply for this scheme are as follows:

  • Self-declaration
  • Age proof like Identity card, school leaving certificate, Birth certificate, Voter ID etc.
  • Address Proof like aadhar card, ration card, domicile certificate etc.
  • Two Passport size photographs of the user.
  • Death Certificate of the deceased husband.
  • Bank account details (copy of bank passbook) of the user.

How to apply Dependent Children Pension certificate in Punjab?

Under this scheme, financial support is granted to the child below the age of 21 years, whose father/mother or both have passed away or most of the time, parents usually absent from home or have become mentally/physically disabled to look after the family premises. Total annual income must not be more than Rs. 60,000/- including rental or business or interest income.


Rate of pension is Rs. 750/- per month


Total annual income must not be more than Rs. 60,000/- including rental or business or interest income.


  •  Voter card or Aadhaar card or voter list or birth certificate or matriculation certificate issued by Registrar of Birth and Death Department as the verification regarding age.
  • (any one proof of age from above)
  • Age proof of child

How to apply for Duplicate Ration Card certificate in Punjab?

You can Apply for a duplicate ration card, when…

  •   Original Ration Card is Totally destroyed
  •   Original Ration Card has been stolen
  •   Original Ration Card is Misplaced or lost

Apply In-Person

  1. In order to acquire a duplicate ration card, please go to the ration office of your region OR Suwidha centres/Food & Supplies Office as applicable.
  2. Link for contact :link http://foodsuppb.gov.in/?q=content/officers-district-offices
  3. Please go to the respective office.
  4. User do obtain the form from the office (please pay for the form if needed) Or a electronically /written typed application on plain sheet  of paper as advised would be used.
  5. The Head of Family should pen up a letter stating the real reason behind a new ration card request and attach the remains of original ration card (in case of destroyed ration card) or in case of stolen or lost ration card as attach the copy of report registered with police station.
  6. Please submit the complete application along with needed paper work to the respective authority.
  7. Authorities after checking the submitted application along with attached documents will make entries and provide you record number for reference.
  8. Keep everything safe for future reference.
  9. This application will be processed internally to issue the ration card as per notification.

Required Documents

  • Application form.
  • Copy of report registered with Police Station or remains of original ration card
  • Residencial Proof (Example – Water Bill, Electricity Bill, Passport, Aadhaar Card),
  • Xerox copy of Ration Card (If accessible)
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport / Driving license / PAN / Election Card / Local Certificate
  • Passport Size Photos
  • Self declaration (as advised)

How to apply Rural Area certificate in Punjab?

Required Documents


1)      Make your certificate file from any professional.

2)      Signed by your Numberdar, M.C, Sarpanch.

3)      Report by a circle patwari.

4)      submission and Fees payment at Seva Kedra.

5)      Issued by Seva Kendra

6)      Signed by Tehsildar

How much time does it require to get marriage certificate in Punjab?

The information that has been present in the form are confirmed from the proofs of marriage like Ration Card, Photographs, Marriage Card and written statements taken from the guardians / parents of the Lambardar and both parties. The Marriage Certificate is issued to the user in 30 days. Identity proofs like Driving License, Voter Card, School Certificate, Birth Certificate, Adhaar Card etc.

  1. Passport Size Photos
  2. In case of minor photographs of guardian /parent and identity proofs who applying for this certificate.

Required Documents

  • Address proof of current residing address which must be on Grooms or Bride Name (Driving License, Proof of Address- Passport/ *Ration Card/ Voter ID).
  • 2 passport-sized photos.
  • Identity proof
  • 2 Photos of Groom and Bride in marriage dress taken during marriage ceremony to clearly show they participated in the marriage ritual.
  • Separate Marriage Affidavits in authorized format from Wife and Husband.
  • Proof of Date of Birth of both wife and husband (Paper work or documents which serve as Proof of Age ideally 10th class mark sheet with date of birth).
  • Marriage Invitation Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Three witnesses to certify the marriage thing.
  • 2 affidavits that a pair wishes to marry each other voluntarily free from threats are required for marriage at a later stage.
  • Divorce edict in case of Divorce
  • Death Certificate of a spouse, in case of widower/widow

In Punjab, How do I add my name in birth certificate?

In Punjab, Downloadable application form for addition of name of kid in birth certificate is given. This form is given by the Health and Family Welfare Department. Applicants do download and fill the form as per to their requirement.

How to apply Corrections in Birth certificate in Punjab?

Apply In-Person

  1. To correct Birth Certificate, applicant should initially go to the registrar (Deaths & birth) to get the application form. This form can be obtained online.
  2. Request you to submit the finished application form along with request letter and documents to the respective authority (If needed please pay the fee as recommend by the authorities).
  3. Authorities after checking the document and details submitted, will provide you a receipt to the user for the application submission
  4. This request will be prepared internally. If the provided details are meeting the requirement and satisfactory, the change will be produced in respective registry and records to issue the corrected birth certificate.

Note: If needed, department will do ground level verification and scrutiny before taking the decision.

Renew Seed Sale License or Permit-Punjab

Apply In-Person

  1. Every holder of valid seed license shall apply for renewal before the date of expiry of the license.
  2. User must go to their respective office of the e-district suvidha /sewa centre to apply.
  3. Please collect the suitable application form as per officer’s advice or pen up on a A4 sheet.
  4. Link to download form online.
  5. Submit the finished application with required paper work as mentioned in our required documents session.
  6. After accepting the application, officials will give guidance the amount to be dispatched.
  7. User will pay the mentioned amount as applicable.
  8. User will get receipt for the dispatched fees. Please safely keep your receipt and acknowledgement safe for future reference work.
  9. This application will be handled by the authority.
  10. If there are any inspection of premises is needed, authorities will do due conscientiousness way.
  11. Once the license is prepared with seal and sign of the respective authority, user gets notification to collect the License.
  12. On the said date, user do collect the license.
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