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Punjab RTO

Under the provisions of section 213 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Transport Department of Punjab functions. The Transport Department has been basically set up for the implementation of the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The transport department is governed by the state Transport Commissioner and aid by two additional state transport commissioners.
Advantages of Road Transportation

1. Door to Door Service

The big advantage of road transport, that makes it the basic lifeline of the transport industry, is its potential to offer door-to-door, from source to destination, doorstep services. This is something no other transport mode do provide. This purely lessen transportation expense, unloading and loading expenses, and other related feeder transport costs.

2. Service in Rural Areas

Road transport is most adaptable and flexible with an outreach into the most remote zones that are inaccessible by water, rail or air. Hence, it is most suited for supporting goods and persons to and from countryside regions which are not served by other transport. Hence, transport of cargo between large city and tiny villages is possible only through road transport.

3. Flexible Service

In road transport, timelines and routes might be changed and adjusted to suit individual requirements with ease. This purely provides road transport a great advantage over all other modes of transport that stick to inflexible and rigid time and route schedules. 

4. Suitable for Short Distance

Road transport is the only transport that is workable, economically and otherwise, for short distances. It is manner more quicker and cost effective to cart items and individuals over short distances by road. Also, delays in transit of goods, due instant handling and loading, can be ignored as goods can be loaded direct into a road vehicle and transport straight to their place of destination.

5. Rapid Speed

Road transport is best for speedy delivery. Water transport is pretty slow. Air and rail transport requires too much formalities and packaging and documentation. Also taking delivery of the goods and booking of the goods, in case of water, railway and air transport, takes up too much time and is pretty boring. In contrast road transport offers a fast and a much more flexible and messed free option. 

Functions of the Punjab RTO

1. Registration related work

 Temporary registration of vehicle
 Long Term registration of vehicle
 Resumption of certificate of registration
 Issuing of duplicate certificate of registration
 Modernize registration certificate with changes
 Issuing NOC to transfer registration certificate
 Shift of registration certificate
 Termination / Endorsement of Hire-purchase agreement

2. Driving License

 Issue beginners driving license
 Issue lasting driving license
 Continuation of driving license
 Adding another class to driving license
3. Renewal and Issue of vehicle permits for commercial use
4. Collection of taxes and fees
5. Issue of vehicle fitness certificate

Necessity for Registration?

No individual will drive any Motor Vehicle and no owner of Motor Vehicle do cause or allow the vehicle to be driven in any public place or any other place, unless the vehicle has been Registered in line with Chapter IV of the MV Act,1988.

Registration related transactions:

⦁     Permanent Registration.
⦁     Temporary Registration.
⦁     Renewal of certificate of registration.
⦁     Issue of duplicate certificate of registration.
⦁     Change in residence
⦁     Termination of hire-purchase agreement.
⦁     Endorsement of higher purchase agreement

Temporary Registration

⦁      Sales Certificate in Form 21.
⦁      Street worthiness certificate in Form 22 from the makers(Form 22A) from the Body builder).
⦁      Logical Insurance Certificate.
⦁     Pollution under Control Certificate.
⦁      Proof of Address(Ration Card, water Bill,)
⦁      Plan approval copy of STA in case Trailar or Semi Trailar.
⦁      In the case of Ex-Army Vehicle, Original Sales Certificate from the united Authorities in Form 21.
⦁      In the case of Imported Vehicles, use Customs Clearance Certificate.
⦁     Tax as defined in the plan of Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act.

Permanent Registration

A petition for registration of a Motor Vehicle could be made in Form 20 to the Registering Authority within a timeline of 7 days from the date of delivery of such vehicle eliminating the period of journey and accompanied by
⦁     Sales Certificate in Form 21.
⦁     Street worthiness certificate in Form 22 from the processor(Form 22A from the body builder)
⦁     Well founded Insurance Certificate.
⦁     Proof of Address(Electricity Bill, Ration Car..)
⦁     Design approval copy of STA in case Semi Trailar or Trailar.
⦁    In the case of Ex-Army vehicles, Original Sales Certificate from the related Authorities in Form 21.
⦁     Pollution under Control Certificate.
⦁     In the case of bring from abroad Vehicles, Customs Clearance Certificate.
⦁     Suitable Fee as defined in Rule 81 of CMV Rules,1989.
⦁     Tax as related to Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act/Rules.

Renewal of Certificate of Registration

An application for Renewal of Certificate of Registration will be made in Form 25 not more than 60 days before the date of its termination, by paying the appropriate fee as defined in Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules to the Register Authority in whose power the automobile is.
⦁     Original Certificate of Registration
⦁     Pollution Under Control Certificate.
⦁     Valid Insurance Certificate
Duplicate of Certificate of Registration
An application for issue of duplicate Certificate of Registration will be made in Form 26. If covered by Lease /Hire Purchase/Finance with the sign of the Financier on Form 26 in duplicate, duly paying the appropriate fee as specified in Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, to the Registering Authority in whose Jurisdiction the automobile is.
⦁     in case of loss of Certificate of Registration, use Police Certificate (FIR)
⦁     Original Certificate of Registration.(If destroyed). 

Transfer of Ownership for Certificate of Registration

An application for issue of Transfer of possession will be made in Form 29(in Duplicate) and Form 30.(in Duplicate if covered by Finance/Hire Purchase /Lease) with the signatures of the financer, duly paying the appropriate fee as defined in Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules,1989, to the Registering Authority in whose power the transferee and transferor resides or has their place of business.
⦁     Certificate of Insurance.
⦁     Certificate of Registration.
⦁     in case of Other State Vehicle, No Objection Certificate
⦁     No Objection Certificate from Financier( if Vehicle is protected by Finance)
⦁     Proof of residence.
⦁     Pollution under Control Certificate.
⦁     Testimony for the purchase /sale of vehicles from the purchaser /seller

No-Objection Certificate

A petition for matter of No Objection paper work could be made in Form 28(in triplicate) to the Registered Authority by which the Vehicle was formerly Transferred/Registered.
⦁     Certificate of Registration
⦁     Proof of Address.

Driving License

Necessity of driving license.
No individual could drive any Motor Vehicle and no owner of Motor Vehicle could cause or allow the vehicle to be driven in any public place or any other place, unless the vehicle is Registered in line with Chapter IV of the MV Act,1988.

Age limit in link with driving of motor vehicles.

No individual under the age of eighteen years would drive a motor vehicle in any public zone. Provided that a motor cycle with engine capacity not exceeding 50 cc could be driven in a public region by a human after reaching the age of sixteen years.
No individual under the age of 20 yrs. could drive a transport vehicle in any public zone.

How to Obtain Certificate of Registration when you apply for Change of Address.
Where to approach
Approach your closeby Suwidha Centre or Registering Authority (Sub Divisional or DTO Magistrate)

Documents needed to apply for Certificate of Registration  for Transfer of ownership
Paper work of Registration in original
Form 33 duly filled up
Certify copy of valid vehicle insurance policy
Certify copy of address proof of registered owner of vehicle.
Certify copy of valid Pollution Under Control Certificate
Authorised fee for registration
Certify copy of Form 60 & 61 or PAN Card (as applicable)
Certificate from the benefactor is needed to get the address changed in the Registration Certificate

How to get Certificate of Registration for New Vehicle
Where to go for obtaining of Certificate of Registration
Approach your closeby Registering Authority or Suwidha Centre (Sub Divisional or DTO Magistrate)

Requirement  of Certificate of Registration
The vehicle can be driven or permitted to be driven in public region only after enrollment by registering authority.

Physical Presence
It is compulsory to give rise to the vehicle in front of inspecting authority

Inspecting authority will examine and permit the clearance certificate for registration of vehicle

Documents needed to apply for Certificate of Registration
Form 20 duly filled up [Imprint of engine number should be taken on this form]

Form 21 (Sale certificate) provided by the vehicle dealer

Form 22 (Road worthiness certificate) provided by the which manufacturer
Certify copy of valid vehicle insurance policy / cover note
Certify copy of address proof at which vehicle is to be registered.
Form 34 duly signed by the financer and owner
One time road tax as applicable
Authorised fee for registration
Form 60 & 61 and PAN Card (as applicable)
Manufacturer invoice or dealer invoice.

In Punjab, Check Vehicle Ownership Transfer Status | RC Transfer Status Punjab
You apply for transfer of possession of vehicle at parivahan website or closeby RTO then you need to check your vehicle possession transfer status. This blog give out answers to a certain questions.
Check Vehicle Ownership Transfer Status in Punjab
Utilizing parivahan website in Punjab, check Vehicle possession name transfer in vehicle registration certificate (RC) online. In this blog have two process to check out vehicle ownership transfer status, First is using registration number, second is using application number. Both process guide a step by step in this post.
Check Vehicle Ownership Transfer Status by Application Number in Punjab
If you require to check vehicle ownership transfer status and have application number then follow below process:
First need, go through the official website of parivahan : https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/ and select menu from Online Services >> Vehicle related Services.

Now select your state

Now select your RTO of vehicle registration and click on Proceed.

⦁ On this page, you have click on the Status tab. This provides different options from which you need to select Know your application status option.

Now enter your application number and submit button click.

Get your application status and details on your screen.
How to Check Vehicle Owner Information By Registration Number
One of the initial and most significant requirements, especially during a hit-and-run case, is the identity of the vehicle. In this scenerio, it is the vehicle registration number. Even if you do manage to get the detailed information of the vehicle’s number plate, you might not identify the owner’s details. Or, if you have planned to buy a used bike or car, you may require to identify your vehicle details.
Steps to explore Vehicle Registration Details Online:
The key aim of the Central Government to launch VAHAN is to centralize all information connected to vehicle registration and driving licences certificates from the RTOs – Regional Transport Offices and DTOs (District Transport Offices spread across the nation.
Below are the steps to check vehicle registration details online-authorize through VAHAN:
⦁ Step 1: Go through the official website of ⦁ VAHAN to check the vehicle owner name.
⦁ Step 2: On top of the page, at Top Navigation menu, click on ‘Know Your Vehicle Details.
⦁ Step 3: On the new page, write down the Bike or car Plate Number as you enter the vehicle registration number.
⦁ Step 4: click on ‘Search Vehicle’ as you enter the human verification code.
⦁ Step 5: Make a note of the bike or car owner’s name and other information of the vehicle.

Example: Vehicle Owner Details via Registration Number:

Upon completion of the steps above, you will be follow to a new page with detailed information of the vehicle. Below are the various types of vehicle details you will be able to view:
⦁ Registration Number
⦁ Registration Date
⦁ Chassis and Engine Number (Partially Visible)
⦁ Owner Name
⦁ Vehicle Class or Type
⦁ Fuel Type
⦁ Manufacturer and Model Name
⦁ Fitness or Registration Expiry Date
⦁ Road Tax Details
⦁ Insurance Expiry Date
⦁ PUCC or ⦁ Pollution Under Control Certificate Expiry Date.
⦁ Emission Norms Details
⦁ Status of the Registration Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Vehicle Registration Details

How do I get my car registration certificate info?

Go through the official website of VAHAN and then click on ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’ and enter the necessary info to get your car registration certificate details.
How do I get an owner’s information from the car registration number?

Through the national registry VAHAN as you do get a car or bike owner’s info from the car registration number. You require the car number plate info to get the necessary details. For a lengthy procedure, follow the steps guide mentioned above.

How do we get FASTag registration info with the registration number of a car?

FASTag is the electronic mode of payment for tolls at national highways toll plazas across the nation. The technology utilized in FASTag is Radio Frequency Identification which catches the FASTag sticker attached on the windshield of the car and gather toll electronically. Since the database is utilized by the Government of India, you will not be able to get the registration number of other car.

Do I find the vehicle registration number by offering Aadhar details of the owner?
Aadhar is considered to be a significant and safe personal data of the Aadhar cardholder. Hence, you would not use one’s Aadhar info to find the car owner details.
Where do I require to complain about my vehicle registration details?
If you have any issue or query with the vehicle’s registration info, you want to visit the respective RTO to get it corrected. Also, you do visit VAHAN for online mode of service such as updating your transfer of ownership, cell number, etc.
I need to search my driving licence by date of birth, name, and address. Is it possible?
If you apply for a learner’s licence, then you do visit the respective RTO to explore out your DL. However, the Centre has begin Parivahan, which is a unify database of online services connected to motor vehicles. On the main page, select the State in which you apply for the DL, then do select ‘Driving Licence’. Under this page, click on ‘Apply Online’ and do choose ‘Application Status’. Enter the your date of birth and application number and then click on ‘Submit’ to identify the status of your application.

How to explore out Auto Rickshaw owner info by its vehicle number?

Go through the VAHAN official website to explore for the Auto Rickshaw vehicle number or the registration number for the owner details. For a detailed method, follow the steps defined in this article above to understand more.

How do we search the home address of the vehicle’s owner?
To secure the confidential data of the vehicle owner, the address is not declared online, especially on VAHAN.
Do we explore out vehicle details through PAN number?
No, you cannot search it. You can explore through the vehicle’s number plate or registration number.
Reasons You require To explore Vehicle (VAHAN) Details With Number Plate:
India is a big nation with a large population. Along with it, there are various vehicles being bought here every day. This might be a used and new vehicles. Several lakhs of vehicles has been registered on a daily basis and sometimes it can be very tough to trace the detailed information of the vehicle. However, here are the reasons you want to find a vehicle (VAHAN) details with number plate:
Hit and Run Case
To track a vehicle owner with registration number might be a unmanageable task, especially in a hit-and-run case. With VAHAN, you do explore the vehicle owner details through number plate detailed info.
In case of an luckless accident and your vehicle has got many damages and there is a dispute between the other party and you, you do trace the vehicle owner’s information through the registration number of the vehicle.
Buying a Used Vehicle
Whether you are buying a used vehicle through a dealer or directly from the owner, it is desirable to check the vehicle details or the vehicle owner through VAHAN. This manner you might be assured the authenticity and the genuineness of the vehicle and its owner.
No Objection Certificate
With VAHAN, RTOs across the nation do ingress your vehicle data through the national registry of vehicle’s registration certificates or the centralized database. Hence, you might not needed to present a NOC for your vehicle.

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