I Love You All the Time by Jessica Elin Hirschman, Jennifer Elin Cole

This sweet pretty I love you all the time book provides a refreshing twist on the familiar message of unconditional love by reminding children’s that their dads and moms, uncles and aunts, close buddies and grandparents care and love them no matter how busy these people are or where they placed. Playful, visionary drawings and Pleasant verse appeal to bright-eyed babies, proud first readers and comfort-seeking toddlers.

This children’s books is perfectly wonderful when children’s are having difficulty. This book is about a young cute bear that needed to surprise his mother, but in doing so he shatters her favorite honey jar. Before telling his mom what he did he asks her if she will always care and love him, and continues to go through various scenarios. His mom insists that she will always care him and he shows her what occurred. She tells him that he must pick it up but that she still care and love him. The bear then goes back and makes his mom a new honey jar.

I Love You All the Time

The key line of the tale is that even when matters do not go well, your family and parents will continue to care you and that sometimes rough things occur when you have good intentions. The narrative is best for kids ages 3-5. It promises loving family relationships and present the concept that maa is not always wrong and punishments are not black and white. 

This is a super cuto book. The illustrations are sweet, with vibrant colors, but overall the best slice is the message: I really love you, even if I have to go to job work, or you want discipline or it’s bedtime. We do imagine it’s a particular hit with little kids who have lots of tantrums and want a reminder that no matter whatsoever, they’re still loved. 

You really love how this sweet book introduces the fact that even though their child may be away from them, they are still very loved! Sometimes, family and caregivers have to away from their beloved child.

I think this is a very pretty book. It was basically meaningful for me to read to my child when I returned to work part-time. We would read it in the early dusk before taking him to childcare and at night before bed. I especially like the page that shows the parents at work and the one that display the parent who is speaking to her buddy and set up boundaries with her kids. It shows that even when parents say no or expect you to utilize your manners, they still love you enough to set boundaries for suitable behaviors.

Your children’s know that you don’t have to be with them all time to be loved. They understand when you are in the other room, especially while sleeping time that you really adore them. We have a discussion about each page and all small children’s grasp new words by pointing out the stuff in the pictures. Like rain, pencils, kite, and computer, etc.





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