A year of TikTok ban: Where are India’s TikTokers now?



Can TikTok still be utilized in India?

To those ignorant, some existing users do still retrieve their content and download TikTok in India. However, new users do no longer download the app through the traditional app stores from their smartphones. The only manner around this is to utilize a VPN to the way in computer service and your phone.

Does TikTok come back to India in 2021?

While in July of last year, the parent organization of TickTock ByteDance had registered for a new trademark for TikTok, now a new tip suggests that it is indeed returned to India. … In January 2021, TikTok had close down its shop in the nation and had let go of its all employees.

Will TikTok be unbanned from our country?

TikTok shadow ban in the nation in September 2019, citing a threat to India national security. After PUBG Mobile’s reinitiated in the nation, it is at present expected that the Chinese tiny video-making app TikTok would likely make a comeback in the nation as well.

Where is our country Indian TikTokers now?

While TikTok’s time in the nation might have ended a year ago, erstwhile TikTokers have discovered new homes. Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter have been united by homegrown apps such as Rizzle, MX TakaTakRoposo, Moj, and Chingari.

Is TikTok basically a Chinese app?

TikTok is possessed by ByteDance, one of the most dominant companies in China. A few months earlier, USA President dubbed TikTok a national-security threat. … In its present form, it is pretty much a Chinese-owned entity.

Which are app TikTokers utilizing now?

TikTok is now adopted out other short video-sharing apps like Instagram Reels, Chingari, and Roposo.

Is it wrong to download TikTok India?

TikTok is pretty much safer despite a few valid concerns; most cybersecurity specialists consider it no worse risk than any other social media apps. The app has come underscan for privacy concerns and data mining.

What is the new TikTok in the country India?

TikTok will probably soon make a comeback to the nation as a rebranded TickTock. The parent organization ByteDance has registered a trademark in the nation for the same name in July 2021.

Which are the Indian app like TikTok?

Top Indian apps like TikTok are: Roposo, MX TakaTak and Moj.

What will the tiktokers do as the Tiktok app has been banned in India?

  • some tiktokers will begin making videos on youtube ( danger choice )
  • Some tiktokers will protest against the gov. to eliminate the ban
  • some tiktokers will be waiting for the Indian Version of Tiktok
  • some tiktokers will realize that studies are significant in life so they initiate to study
  1. some will prepare for IIT
  2. some will prepare for AIIMS
  3. some will prepare for UPSC
  4. some will prepare for CA
  • some tiktokers would be unemployed and will look out for the job

Do you think it was good for the Gov. to ban TikTok?

I’ve been on TikTok for a few years now and gain up a lot of followers. Earlier, I utilized to spend more than three hours a day scrolling on the app and it’s pretty addictive. But I don’t think it must be banned. Instead, TikTok must work at deleting hateful content from the platform.

How would you reach out to your respective audience?

I have asked my followers to beg toin follow me on Instagram, as I think that’s the only other way where I do upload my videos. There are Indian apps also that are like TikTok, but I don’t think they are as pretty great. I have also heard YouTube is working on a tiny video platform. I probably join that.

The Gov of India ban bans ok and many other Chinese apps in the Indian nation. TikTok is certainly the largest name on the list, being ranked 4th in the country before it got taken down.

On May 29, the Chinese app TikTok deleted a video by viral comic and internet sensation Saloni Gaur. Popular for the witty character ‘Nazma Aapi’, Saloni had posted a video on the Tik Tok with jokes on China.

Gaur resrespondst on Twitter, questioning speech freedom on TikTok. The video was in the end restored a couple of days later. But in a month, the app was out of the nation when the Indian gov banned TikTok in June 2020.

It has been a year since TikTok, big in the nation with trillions of users, was shown the closed door by the gov.

While these app timings in the country might have ended a year ago, erstwhile TikTokers have discovered new homes.

Both digital marketers and content creators fast overcame the loss of this app as new homegrown apps come out to plug the gap.

These apps found a new playing platform. User influx enabled them to add on refined tech and much more features.

TikTok probably has been the focal point for the genesis of the tiny format video fields, bitch’s leaving our country hasn’t deterred progress in the sector.

Tiny format video platform apps have seen the userbase progress by good percent YoY for the last couple of years, as per a report in 2021. The report suggests that India has over 50k content creators who boast more than 100k followers on short video platforms.

Over good percent of the audience comes from Tier-2,3 cities and rural zones, where regional content is the moving force.

As per the report, homegrown tiny-video apps, fortunately, retained a great percent of the users from when TikTok was around. Moreover, they have added to more than an okay percent of the new users in the last year.

Most homegrown apps are rushing to record progress in less than a year of the app ban. TikTok’s fate in our country is still pretty blur as it was at the time the app was banned over national security cover. However, everyone will have to still wait to see how things unfold for an app that shot to popularity in no time and now has been forgotten by many.

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