Punjab Shat Pratishat Scheme 2021 – Mission 100% for Better School Results


Mission Shat Pratishat Scheme

Name of the scheme

Punjab Shat Pratishat Scheme 2020-21 or Mission 100%

Scheme has been launched in


Target group of scheme

Schools of the state

Objective of scheme launch

Empower schools to improve education

Scheme has been launched by

Punjab  Chief Minister Amarinder Singh 

Number of posts declared

8, 393 primary teacher posts

Mission Shat Pratishat Scheme Features

  1. Beneficiaries of scheme – Students belong to both secondary and primary schools are the beneficiaries of the program.
  2. Purpose of scheme launch – The objective of program launch is to offer adequate assistance to students so that they can continue with studies amidst the rough situation of COVID-19. 
  3. Government initiation for program – The government has marked to provide almost 2625 tablets to the students and it involves both 372 primary government schools
  4. Opportunity for new teachers – A total of 8398 teachers from pre-primary grad has been arranged by government and the lead has been taken by state education department.
  5. Number of contractual teachers – A total of 14, 064 teachers has been arranged by the government as he has opted for various measures to be taken for teacher’s welfare.
  6. Defence training – The government has appointed for Defence training of physical education teacher for the ones who are below 50 years of age. This probably support to impart training to all girl students of government school.
  7. Projectors for smart schools – A total of 13, 8659 projectors would be provided to the smart school to advance the level of education in schools. 
  8. Advancement of schools – Government has requested for change of central library and enhance state language.

Introducing new schools for students

  • The smart schools would be set up to enhance the overall education class in Punjab schools.
  • From the total schools, a total of 6832 have been attached to the list of smart schools with 1467 added in November, 2020.
  • For suitable schools digitization, a total of 100 crores have been offered by state government to school authorities.

How the Yojana would contribute for digital education

  • The main purpose of launch the program in Punjab is to build up the condition of digital education and helping every student to have easier access to it.
  • It would offer e-books, e-content, facility of online classes via Zoom app, EDUSAT lectures and the like options. 

What is the name of the program ?

Punjab Shat Pratishat Scheme 2020-21 or Mission 100%.

What is the main purpose of program launch ?

Upgrade the condition of the schools.

Who has taken initiative for program launch ?

Chief Minister, Punjab.

How many pre-primary teacher posts are made present ?


How many smart schools have been begin ?

1476 smart schools.

Dispense for Welfare of Teaching Staff

Around 14,064 contractual teachers had been arranged by government as he listed out different measures undertaken for the welfare of the teaching staff. Moreover, Self Defence training has been given to female physical education teachers below the age of 50 to authorize them to teach karate to all girls studying in govt. schools.

Punjabi as Official Language

CM points out that Punjabi had became the official language in Patiala He recalled Patiala’s long-standing good relationship with Punjabi. Chief Minister even observed that Punjabi had been named the official language in UK and canada, where a large number of Punjabis were settled, thus providing global recognition to the language.

CM stated that Punjabi must live and progress in the hearts and minds of every Punjabi while stressing the importance of English and other foreign languages to allow students to compete globally. CM also declared that more than 3.7 lakh students had selected for English medium in government schools.

Mission 100% to strengthen Digital Education Infrastructure

This Yojana aims to build up the digital education infrastructure in schools through online classes, e-content, e-books, and EDUSAT lectures through Zoom App. Mission 100 percent will further enhance the standards in government schools which had witnessed massive performance and improvement in quality in the past 3 years.

New Smart School for Students

Smart Schools have bigger contribution in enhancing the educational standards in Punjab. CM also began around 13,859 projectors would be given to the schools in order to make them Smart Schools. In addition to this, a budgetary provision of Rs. 100 crore had been made this year for digitilization of schools. Initially, some minister had declared that while 8,393 posts had been advertised, more would be filled up in due course.

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