How to Refresh Your Facebook Ads: A Guide to Auditing Your Ads

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Are your campaigns doing well but do you think they can do more? Do you want to kick things off without paying a ton for each click?

In this article, you will learn six ways to improve your Facebook advertising for better results.


Carefully Increase Your Facebook Ad Budget

Suppose you have launched a leading production campaign on Facebook. Initially, the cost of each lead was high. But after a few days, ad delivery stabilized, the ad set left the reading phase, and the cost per lead remained comfortable in your target range.

Now the campaign has been going on for a few weeks. The performance continues to remain the same, and the return on ad use (ROAS) and cost per 1,000 (CPM) per unit is what your team wants to be. Ideally, you will get many leads at the same cost to consider allocating a larger budget. In other words, you want to measure upwards.

It is reasonable to expect that increasing the amount of money spent on a successful campaign will allow you to save multiple leads for the same cost per outcome. In reality, though, increasing the ad budget often jeopardizes the effectiveness of the campaign. This is why it is important to take a balanced approach to measure.

Update Your Facebook Ads Audience Targeting

Increasing the historically targeted audience was a wise way to measure horizontally. Naturally, this strategy allows you to reach more people and improve more results. But since the beginning of 2021, Facebook has gradually been pushing advertiser skills to reach specific target audiences:

By mid-2021, the platform used an integrated event rating, changing the way Facebook tracked iOS 14 users and restricting the number of website and app events advertisers could target.

In early 2022, the forum eliminated many detailed identification options, greatly reducing the chances of creating an audience based on interest.

If you advertise to the same type of audience from the beginning of 2021, you may have difficulty reaching your goals or rating them successfully. Reviewing your target audience can help you reach more good people in every category, even if you have new Facebook restrictions.

Use All Available Locations

To measure horizontally, it is also important to reach your target audience in as many places as possible. Facebook often recommends the use of default placement so that the algorithm can deliver your ads wherever it is likely to produce results.

That means identifying all devices and operating systems and avoiding any content or removal of the title. It also means using a standard Facebook inventory of in-stream videos, Instant Articles, and Audience Network content.

Expand Your Facebook Ads Settings

Even if you increase the placement of ads and target a wider audience or look alike, ad fatigue can make ratings more expensive. If each ad set includes only one or two ads, then your audience may be tired of seeing the same creators sooner rather than later.

To enlarge your ad sets and prevent ad fits, create new versions for your audience. In many cases, making small changes to the best creators can keep your audience engaged and make the horizontal scale more accessible.

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