34 Creative Instagram Story Ideas for 2022

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Instagram Story Ideas For Driving Sharing

Many Instagram news ideas can help you drive sales, increase interaction and better connect with your audience. Whether it is an IG story or a weekly competition, it is often powerful to feel the need to keep coming up with new ideas for the story that you can share with your fans. But how do you decide which ones are the best?

Creating content is not easy, but the different features offered by the Instagram story format make it easy. Here are our ideas for top Instagram business news that you can use in your 2022 content marketing plan and advance your year-round engagement.

Increase “Product of the Week”

This is when the “Add Link” sticker mentioned earlier becomes active. While posting links to the news is a great way to share resources, information, and inspiration in your community, it can also be used to drive leads to the product or service you want to highlight. For example, if you are a real estate agent, a good way to use this tool would be to add links to the real estate list that you want your fans to see. If your business sells products, usually add weekly links to the items for sale or you want to highlight them.

Expert Tip – We suggest you have this as a weekly integration with a unique design so that your fans can expect it early.

Introduce Your Team

The numbers are internal, and they confirm: consumers are looking for companies they can feel connected to. The intimacy of the brand should now be a priority, and IG news is good preparation for building that relationship. A great way to practice that is to bring your team regularly into the open using the weekly or monthly news feature!

Other news ideas may include “taking a team member” when your Instagram news is left in the hands of a trusted employee of the company. They can use the money to share what their workday looks like, look after other meetings, and share their best day tips.

If you are a retailer, another good idea would be to highlight the people behind the products you are selling. See the example below in the IG account of the online vegetable store Sill. Give them a series called “Meet the Maker” which contains the makers of the products they sell in their online store. A great way to support and highlight small businesses and connect with their fans.

Apply Your Latest Blog

The availability of blog posts is very low, as many users now prefer to browse their social media feeds to learn more about the brands they follow instead of hitting that app or blog button on your website. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to read what you have to say. Make it a practice to showcase your latest and greatest content by creating a short theater for your high reading. Perfect online real estate for that? Guess — Instagram news. Expert Tip: Create a 15-second video teasing the caption of your blog post to get even more attention. Don’t forget to add a new link sticker to users who switch from your story to your blog in an instant.

Do a monthly survey

The Instagram survey is a great way to connect with users and hear what they think. Instagram provides automatic “yes” or “no” responses, but these polls can be customized with up to 22 characters. In short, it gives users two options to choose from.

Make sure the title of your survey is relevant to your intended audience. Our recommendation is to select a parent’s topic and ask related “this or that” questions. For example, if you are in fashion, choose fall fashion as your umbrella theme (no pun intended). Ask questions such as “brown boots vs. black boots” and “trench coat against the bomber jacket.” Using voting as part of your social media strategy is a great way to improve engagement. You will be able to find out what your audience wants and think about while developing product recognition.

You can share responses after 24 hours to see what your audience prefers. You may be surprised by the results!

Make Buying an Instagram Story a Practice

We will start by saying that if you have not changed your business Instagram account into a business account, now is the time to do it. This feature transforms the game into online marketing, allowing e-commerce businesses to drive direct sales to their Instagram account. There are a variety of stickers to choose from that can be added to videos or photos.

When posting pictures of your products, make sure each product has a product sticker on it. When fans watch your story, they can tap a sticker to learn more about the product or purchase! Including buying news on your Instagram stories is a great way to make sure your viewers are shopping when they don’t even know they are buying! A small business life hack? We think yes!

Share Social Media Video

We’re sure you’ve been busy creating videos for your social media channel. As 84% ​​of people say they have made sure to buy a product or service by watching the product video, if you do not post videos enthusiastically on your social media channels, you are missing out on some great opportunities. While the longer videos you create will find their home in your feed or on Instagram reels, the 15-minute story is a great place to draw attention and interest in any new video you publish. All you have to do is share your story with the captivating word “Don’t miss it,” and a quick tap will make them watch your video faster.

Get Audiences Relaxed by counting down

Want to know the perfect way to get excited about a product launch, a business announcement, or a company event? Counter stickers down! Instagram lets you set a reminder for any day and time (up to one year in the future) to let your viewers be notified. When you combine this feature with other action stickers (as mentioned earlier.

Open Your Story With Questions

Show that you care by adding a “ask me a question” sticker to your story and inviting your fans to ask you anything about your business or industry. This is a great way to understand what is not clear to your fans and find out what areas you need to improve on.

It also puts you in an instant opportunity to prove yourself an authoritative person in your niche. People have questions; you have the answers.

Open-ended questions arouse the curiosity of your audience. They show your audience that you care and that you want to hear from them. Their opinion is important! There is no such thing as a crowded intelligence.

Have a Conversation Using Chat Stickers

Chat stickers are another idea for the Instagram story. The chat sticker lets you start a group chat with your fans directly on your subject. When posting a story, click the sticker button in the top right corner. Name a conversation, post your conversation, and let requests come in. This is a great strategy to make users happy with upcoming events, projects, and products.

A good way to start a conversation is to announce a product launch. You can name a conversation about something mysterious, add a few captions about something you’re ready to present, and ask your fans and customers to start thinking about what you’re going to stop. No one knows your audience better than he does; let your fans have fun together and enjoy each other for anything to come!

If you offer services rather than products, start a conversation about a particular service that your customers like. Why does it stand out? Starting an open discussion about the services you provide — or the services your customers would like to see you provide in the future — can be of great benefit to your company. It also allows you to explain your business idea and answer any questions your customers may have.

Have a Tuesday Trivia Game

Instagram news games are a great driver of user engagement, and gossip is something everyone loves to play. Weekly questions are a great way to invite fans to share their thoughts and information about who you are and what you mean to them. And it is a great way to encourage participation in your field of expertise. If viewers are familiar with this type of content, they will be eagerly anticipating it; who does not love to learn new things? Here is a good example from a trivia game shared on the Instagram account of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have the weekly Instagram story #T TuesdayTrivia, and often, they combine it with the right event. Here is an example of their autumnal trivia.

Use Emoji Slider Stickers

Ask a question related to your business or one of your products and invite your fans to slide down and decide what they think. Ask your fans what they think of a particular product or service that uses fire or heart emoji. All they have to do is slide the emoji where they think it comes in, and you have your answer.

Your audience will also see a centralized response, which will instill a sense of community among your customers. It is a good idea for Instagram to increase engagement but not push any sales.

Reach More Viewers By Taking IG Takeover

Ask the editor to capture the news and arouse interest in the audience. Take can be anyone, from a co-worker to a trusted customer. We also recommend using other experts in your industry; there is no such thing as a small business to help another small business.

This is also an opportunity for other professionals to define the characteristics of your company from a professional perspective. The best thing about professional collaboration? A co-worker may want you to take IG, which means you will have another product awareness forum!

Teach Something

Instruction stories, hacks, and how-to-share quick and direct video tutorials that your audience will find useful. For example, if you are in the restaurant business, share quick recipes from your kitchen or have your audience check out your favorite kitchen with interior tips. If you are a retailer, try creating a weekly clothing tutorial to inspire your customers! If hospitality is a matter of taste, give tips on how to improve the look and feel of a home.

Instagram Story View

Share User Produced Content

Sharing user-generated content on your Instagram news is a great way to encourage audiences to engage with your product. Ask your customers to tag you for products related to your product such as using your products, enjoying your services, and more, and resubmitting their stories! Sharing user-generated content is a win-win situation; showcasing your products and services in action, and your customers get a chance to feel unique and meaningful because they are highlighted on YOUR Instagram page.

Instagram news ideas

Spotlight Customers

Highlight your customers. That’s why you’re here! Add customer testimonials to your news and details of how your service or product has helped them. Consider using before and after photos or videos in your articles to show real-time results for your service or product. As you use your customers instead of influences, your audience will love this — a great way to build trust!

Play Instagram Story Game

People want more than just good-looking photos of their Instagram feed. They want to be part of the process — they feel part of the story. An amazing way to make them part of your story (no pun intended) is to play a story game with your audience. A good idea for an Instagram story game would be to share jokes and close up future projects, and then ask your fans what product they think you are going to stop or work on next. We promise that this Instagram game will be fun for you too, as the responses of your viewers may surprise you and give you new, creative ideas for your business.

Grease With New Product

What’s the best part of the film? Trailer! Sneak peek at your new product or project to create excitement for your product. Instagram News is a great place to tease your customers about what’s new in your company and increase engagement and awareness of upcoming products and releases.

Expert Tip: If you make a big announcement on your Instagram feed and want to make sure your customers don’t miss out, share the post on your Instagram story, cover it with a fun sticker, write “new posts” to make sure they click on it, post your feed, see that conflict it’s about you!

Request Your Customer Retrieval

Who knows your product better than your customers? No one (except you maybe)! One of the most powerful ways to understand what your audience wants is to just ask them. When releasing new sales and needing color help, ask your audience what they would like to see. It’s also important to see what your customers are a little satisfied with, and your Instagram stories are a great way to reach out and do that!

Announce Specific Fans

While you may have hundreds of fans, there should be one or two (or ten) stand out, right? A great way to show your fans how much your product values ​​and how you connect with your audience and your customers is to send a shout-out to specific fans. These could be fans who have just won a contest, fans who often comment and engage with creative content, or fans who are loyal customers. Any features you highly recommend to your fans should be what you emphasize in your news!

Provide a Promo Code

Last (but certainly least), we have promo codes. Promote your product or service with IG issues, generate hype, and increase awareness of your product. The Instagram story is an ad waiting to happen — only for free! Use that to your advantage.

Instagram news is 24 hours long and adds a FOMO feeling. Customers can use the code in your case for 24 hours. If they know you are sending news with discounted codes, they will wake up and tend to search for your news when it is posted.

IG Business Do’s

Now that you have all the Instagram news ideas you need to create interesting stories regularly, here are some good tips to keep in mind when posting to your business account.

Reply and interact with fans

One of the main reasons why posting engaging content is engaging with your fans. When your fans answer questions and queries or complete challenges, you should take the time to answer them and thank them for their time. Communicating with fans in specific ways and stories will encourage them to reach out if they have questions, concerns, or ideas related to your business.

Make Your Captions Count

Captions are important when it comes to social media, especially Instagram. Instagram captions have the power to add context to the videos and photos you share, as well as details that your customer may not otherwise have known. You may have an amazing photo or video to share, but you may miss some important opportunities to engage if your captions are not strong enough. Pay close attention to your descriptions; is an important key to success in Instagram algorithms.

Design Your Page

A beautiful Instagram feed with beauty is as important as each photo and video you post. Create a product beauty that catches the attention of your audience. Using brand colors, adding your brand logo to posts, and applying a unique text style to your videos is a great way to do just that. As you post more, you will create a unique branding that will fit your audience a bit.

Post to Strategic Times

While you may be spending time creating funny videos, very interesting Instagram stories, or carousels full of great value, if you do not know the best time to post on Instagram, you may be wasting time and effort for some reason lost. . Understanding the best time to post on Instagram is just as important as the post itself!

IG Business Dont’s

Knowing what Instagram is doing is not enough. You need to know what to avoid when posting important content on Instagram for your business.

Do not reuse Old Content

Recycling old content may work for accounts with millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of posts, but for SMBs, it’s not a movie. If you do not post daily and decide to reuse old content posted to your 100-photo server, your viewers will quickly see the content and get bored quickly.

If you run out of content to post, there are tools you can use before reusing old content. At Promo, we provide a content calendar that helps you organize your monthly content and give you ready templates for each day. The Content Calendar provides daily templates for the year, so you never run out of content again!

Do Not Leave Your Bio Empty

As a business owner, you know that the way a product introduces itself is important. A good Instagram bio explains what you are doing in a few short sentences. With an on-point bio, you can target your target audience so that new visitors can better understand what your business is about. If they are interested in what they see, they may click the “Follow” button.

Do Not Post Too Much Or Too Much

You do not want to post too little or too much. It is confusing because each social network costs a different number of posts per week, but when it comes to Instagram, stick to posting between 3 and 7 times a week. It’s enough to stay relevant and keep the algorithm on your positive side, but not so much that people get frustrated with your content and stop following you.

Don’t Buy Fans

Buying false fans may seem like a good idea at first, but you will lose by buying them at the end of the day. Spending any money on these to increase your numbers will not guarantee that your transaction will work. When you buy Instagram followers, you are breaking the strict Instagram Terms of Service. Do not risk getting your account suspended. With the right amount of time and effort spent on your feed, you will be reaching the right audience and creating live traffic to your page.

Do not post low-quality photos and videos

This may seem like “don’t do it,” but some people still need to hear it. Posting bad quality content on Instagram is a sure way to keep people from following you and stop taking your business seriously. If you do not have access to unique, high-quality content, you can use a tool with images that fit perfectly in your niche.

Promo offers 110+ premium video clips and photos. Yes, you read that number correctly. No matter what your niche is, you will find the videos and photos you want in Promo. The best part? You can customize the image by adding your brand logo, experimenting with different text styles, and choosing the aspect ratio that best suits your server.

Promote Posts From Your Feed

Just post a new post and don’t want your fans to miss you? Redirecting your new feed posts like Instagram Story can help inform your fans about the new uploads.

It is also worth noting that in all the Instagram posts published, there are a few possible photos that did not make the cut. Instead of deleting them, share them on Instagram News to see how you choose your photos.

Promote the Latest Blog

One of the best Insta news ideas is to promote the latest blogs or posts you publish.

It will help your fans stay up to date with your content in real time, and give your content more visibility; most likely, your post may not appear in their feed, but will be available in your News 24 hours.

Best of all – create a short video for your blog, highlighting its key points. This is a clever and effective way to share your blog.

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