8 Most Popular Social Media Advertising Platforms in 2022

8 Most Popular Social Media Advertising Platforms in 2022

Should you log in to Instagram? Maybe you put half of your social media budget into Facebook and split the rest between YouTube and LinkedIn? What about Tiktok? These are the kinds of questions that plague small businesses and advertising teams alike.

To help you decide which social media platforms will be best suited for your product this year, here are our top social networking options to consider in 2022.



Long home to influencers, brands, bloggers, small business owners, friends, and everyone in between, Instagram has grown by more than 1 billion users a month. If you are wondering if the sensible part of your audience is spending time on the platform, the answer is almost a resounding yes.

Who’s on Instagram (and Why): Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for teens and adults, especially in the US. 40, so Instagram cannot be ignored.

Instagram Functional Content: Beautiful photography, stunning looks, unique designs, video style that you capture that speaks directly to your audience and the theme integrated into your content will help you stand out on Instagram.

Instagram Priority If Your target audience is under 40, running a lifestyle, eCommerce, or photography business.


YouTube recommends the second most popular search engine in the world today, after parent company, Google. If your business can benefit from producing video tutorials or walkthroughs, visually-driven educational content, product reviews, or interviews, then this social media platform is needed to reach more than 2 billion of its users a month.

Who’s on YouTube (and Why): 73% of adults in the U.S. report regularly using YouTube, which has a large population of 15- to 34-year-olds. YouTube is very popular among both men and women, and usage tends to increase in line with income and education level.

YouTube Functional Content: Video Only. Depending on the type of business and your audience, long video content and short-form can work best in this field. Many viewers sing a combination of education and entertainment, so whether you are teaching your audience about emerging marketing strategies or playing a live streaming video game, work hard to keep their attention throughout your videos. You might also consider joining popular YouTube trends such as unboxing videos (especially if you are retrieving body products) as well as “me” content that takes viewers with you to ride. Additionally, if you start a YouTube channel feeling the urge to excel, working with YouTube promoters who are happy with your work can help you check the water before you sign up.


With nearly 2.5 billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. While that ensures that at least some of your audience uses the platform regularly, a bad reputation is developed among younger users who turn to other sites.

However, if your product will benefit from sharing industry-related news, attractive (short) videos, graphics, and other engaging content — especially if your main audience is over 30 — then consider attending Facebook. You may also consider using Facebook groups to gather your customers or community in one place online. Facebook groups, unlike Facebook business pages, are not for advertising but can help create conversation.

Who’s on Facebook (and Why): 68% of US adults report using Facebook, and 51% say they work multiple times a day. Consumption is evenly distributed between men and women, while users tend to work with age as they grow older (especially beyond the 40+-year-old population).

Facebook Functional Content: If your content is interesting, engaging, or even divisive, there is a good chance it will spread on Facebook. Rely heavily on short videos, eye-catching images, and eye-catching articles to attract an audience. For Facebook groups, interactive content and chat starters are the way to go. Consider live streaming and polls.


Although monthly Twitter user numbers have been circulating 300 million now, a high percentage of 40% of those users work on the site several times a day, suggesting that if your audience uses the platform, they are more likely to participate. The popularity of this social media site is still high among users with technical knowledge and is particularly applicable to direct B2B related business, marketing The popularity of this social media site remains high among technology experienced users and is particularly applicable to direct B2B related business. , advertising and politics today.

Who’s on Twitter (and Why): 63% of Twitter users are between the ages of 35 and 65, and men make up about two-thirds of those people.

Twitter Functional Content: Twitter has become a popular platform for engaging with the latest news, downloading content equivalent to biting, and interacting directly with your users in real-time. Videos and photos are often very conspicuous, but the tweet wrote at the right time still works well when you jump on trendy topics and are very smart.


This new block child is under two years old but has received more than 1 billion downloads of its video-based program during its first year of operation. Today, TikTok reportedly sees over 800 million users a month, placing it among the top social media platforms in terms of user numbers.

Who’s in TikTok (and Why): About 50% of TikTok’s audience is under the age of 35 in the US, with most of those viewers focusing on those between the ages of 16 and 24.

TikTok Functional Content: Short, fun, entertaining, funny, and humorous short video content, which often sets the popular song. Think of the fun, intriguing music video-style content.

You Should Give priority to TikTok if: You want to reach (and entertain) younger audiences with exciting video-based content that rarely has direct contact with your products or services. Excessive advertising in this forum will not build loyal fans, so be prepared to take the initiative.


Pinterest has become a popular social bookmarking tool for creative ideas and creative inspiration when it comes to everything from cooking to DIY home projects, holiday ideas, interior design, business, and everything in between. As the audience mainly includes older women, this social media platform is also often identified as an important part of the product discovery journey.

Who’s on Pinterest (and Why): With over 320 million users a month, Pinterest boasts one of the largest female-focused audiences among all social networking sites. About 80% of their users are women, with a strong focus over thousands of years.

Most Functional Content on Pinterest: Directly formatted images perform much better in this forum, thanks to the great user experience that users are provided with. Polished images with a clear copy convey what the Deputy will see when clicked works very well. Numbers, lists, and quotes should be a big part of your strategy here. And don’t forget to consider keywords and search terms in your photos.

You Should Prioritize Pinterest if: Your audience consists mainly of older women, your business is related to lifestyle, fashion, decoration, or DIY.


While it seems to be losing some of its competitive advantages on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, Snapchat remains one of the most widely used social media apps under the age of 25 — boasting over 300 million users in recent months. Most Snapchat users often use the app to share updates and communicate with friends and family through disappearing photos and short video messages.

Who’s on Snapchat (and Why): Young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 make up the vast majority of the 78% of active users who participate in more than 14 billion daily video viewing of the platform. Users tend to gradually lean towards women, most of whom access the app daily.

Best Fun Snapchat Content: Video-driven storytelling. If you can create compelling short videos (photo style that you can capture) that will entertain and educate a younger audience, then Snapchat is a fantastic platform for you to build connections with your customers.

You Should Prioritize Snapchat if: You want to reach a younger audience and have a relationship to create biting, engaging video content. Like TikTok, though, don’t expect to scan your camera and talk about your products all day, as many Snapchat users are here to have fun.


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