How to make YouTube Thumbnail

How to make YouTube Thumbnail

Make it impossible for your viewers to scroll through your YouTube icon without clicking and viewing.


Create an eye-catching YouTube icon that enhances viewers

You’ve done it in the end – you filmed and edited a video that will put all the online cat clips put together to shame. Now you wonder if it is possible to combine all that amazing with just one icon design. What you need is something that will capture the full length of your video in a single image and improve its clicks with a single fall.

With Canva you can enrich your chosen summary with text and design elements, or create a clean design of the synced playlist icon or channel. With our tools and easy-to-use interface, you can easily customize your YouTube icon with instant virality. How do you create a youtube icon? It’s easy!

  • How to create a YouTube icon
  • Open Canva

Open Canva and search for the “YouTube Thumbnail” design type to get started.

Check out the templates

Need inspiration? Find YouTube music icon templates, YouTube food icon templates for food, beauty, travel, tutorials, and more. If you see something you like, just click on the template to start designing.

Enjoy the range of features

Canva Library has millions of images, icons, and images to choose from. Use the animation feature to make your icon stand out. Find a unique color scheme and font combination that fits your brand.

Customize your icon

Make art with your icon. Upload your photos or artwork, experiment with the layout, rearrange the ingredients and make any other changes you see fit. Your design may be as different as you are.

Upload and Publish

Once you are happy with your icon design, it is time to share it with the world. Download it and save it to your desktop or mobile device, then add it to your channel. You can even share it on social media with one click.

Unlock a new YouTube icon design

Take advantage of professionally designed YouTube icon templates

There is a reason why one of the benefits of having an official YouTube channel is being able to upload your icon. It acts as the face of your video and gradually determines whether your video will be viewed or not. So the last thing you want when you just pop out that video is to jump to that one small but important detail.

But even if you are in a hurry to release that video, you will not have to give up your icon functionality. Canva allows you to create an amazing video cover of your artwork with easily accessible and well-designed templates that even non-designers can customize and customize using Canva’s drag and drop interface.

Create a group and get together

Your YouTube icon is the first thing your viewers see before you watch your video. And with Canva, you can keep your creativity flowing and invite team members to participate in your YouTube icon in real-time. Post comments, tag your team members, leave feedback, share designs, and resolve suggestions all within the Canva editor.

Upload and edit your snapshots to get a snapshot that captures the best moments of your video

Your thumbnail can probably include an object extracted from the video itself. For many people that might be a simple summary. But the channel master who knows what they are doing knows that you can take that step further by changing the tone and contrasting knots here and there and making the colors work for them.

Upload your summary to your design template and customize it accordingly. With Canva, your editing capabilities range from adjusting brightness and brightness or pre-selecting options to creating a filter that you can reuse repeatedly in future icons.

Choose from a wide selection of fonts and icons to get the amazing YouTube icon cover

An image paints a thousand words, but adding a title to your image can make it more expressive. If you browse the most popular channels on YouTube, you will see that they often offer their titles in their thumbnails. Really good ones add a compact copy that supports their image directly and make the scroll bar work.

Adding text to your thumbnail is a cinch with Canva. Additionally, you can choose from a wide selection of fonts that can complement your video theme – whether those games are educational or educational. Thumbnails, pictures, and images are also readily available to keep all of your design ideas alive.

Find that great YouTube icon on your channel and in all your social media features

Congratulations! You have created a great YouTube thumbnail for your video! Now all you have to do is download that great design and upload it to your channel!

Just go to the download button and select the image format you prefer. Download it as a JPEG file in small file size or get it in PNG if you want your image to be of high quality. Customize your video with your thumbnail art and publish it to the whole world online which you can watch and learn from your excellent example.

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