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Ahead of Deepawali, the Supreme Court said the ban on using diwali crackers 2021 should be strictly followed and also made it transparent that the court’s order is to safeguard the right to life of individuals and it is not against any festival and community.

“We do not need to come in the lane of enjoyment, but for fun one cannot entertain with the fundamental right of others,” a bench of Justices said.

The court said a ban order on contaminating firecrackers was passed by the SC after directing elaborate reasons and substantial hearings were given for passing the order and ‘green crackers’ were permitted.

The ban on crackers becomes applicable ahead of Deepawali and this year so far the effect of farm fires has been restricted. It has been pointed out that Deepawali pollution lasts just a day or so, but the court held that a great increase in pollutants is a pretty serious health hazard.


Foremost violation of the ban will bring a penalty of Rs 1,000 while those utilizing crackers in silent area will suppose to pay Rs 3,000. The same will gush to Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 in case the crackers are utilized by mass gathering. The second crime will have Rs 20,000 penalty and thirdone  Rs 1 lakh, the 20-page detailed order said.


Why are crackers being banned?

The apex court has banned cracking of firecrackers saying it definitely cause pollution.

Is crackers banned in India?

In a big decision ahead of Deepawali, the Supreme Court stated that there is no total ban on utilization of firecrackers and only those crackers carrying Barium salts are illegal, reported news agencies. The apex court further said that celebration cannot be at the cost of the anyone’s health.

Firecrackers with barium compounds generate more smoke when they burn. They essentially burn in white and bright green colors. It is made pretty clear that there is no 100 percent ban on utilization of firecrackers,” the court said. Only those firecrackers are prohibited, as directed herein above, which are found to be harmful to health and affects the health of the people, more particularly the senior citizens and the kids. The court added that people do not burst firecrackers randomly, hurting the right to health of anyone promised under Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

The Supreme Court said if Union Territories and states break down to implement its order, it will be viewed severely. It directed the governments to utilize print and electronic media and local cable services to warn citizens on the court’s directions on sale, manufacture, and  use of banned firecrackers.

Even the Calcutta High Court banned use and sale of all type of firecrackers – include Supreme-Court granted green crackers – during Kali Puja and Diwali festivities, as per reported. The ban do extend till December 31.

The court case was inquiry a public interest legal action filed by environmental activist who had asked for a ban on firecrackers to protect people’s right to transparent and healthy air” particularly in the timeline of Covid-19 pandemic.

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