6 Ways social media impacts consumer behavior

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Today, 4.55 billion people use social media for one reason or another. What was once a youth without a doubt is now a part of everyday life for the most part. The global epidemic has contributed to this trend for the most part, and it is safe to assume that the popularity of social media will continue to grow over time.

Companies from all industries have found this new opportunity to connect with customers. We are not talking about Fortune 500 companies that invest heavily in social media – about 90 million small businesses that use Facebook and other social media platforms. It was only a matter of time before social media users began using these platforms to make purchases. With 47% of thousands of years – supposedly the largest group near Gen Z – influenced by online shopping platforms, it is not surprising that small and medium enterprises prioritize sophisticated digital marketing campaigns. See how social media affects customer behavior.


Build Product Awareness

When every business in the world has a social media account, you have to stand out from the market. To make it easier for potential customers to find your product or service, we distributed your content to a few social media channels. This will not only attract the right audience but will also help build brand awareness. This is how you will influence your customer behavior by having a unique voice that is reflected in all posts on social media. Embracing a sense of identity can do much to enhance your brand image and improve credibility.

Full of customer reviews that serve as public evidence

No one at this time would check the review before making a purchase. The social media platform, in particular, makes it easy to share your information with the product, thereby exposing its wrongdoing, if any. Surprisingly 94% agree that online reviews have influenced them to avoid doing business with the company. What is needed is one bad review from someone whose problem has not been resolved. The authenticity factor associated with social media reviews can make or break a customer’s decision to interact with a product. As more customers receive the product orally, companies should look at customer feedback with consideration.

Uses influential marketing to attract targeted audiences

The vision of the social media platform is not new – it has been the driver of business growth since 2009. Today, everyone is accustomed to strong marketing and its impact on customers who often surpass other forms of digital advertising in terms of exposure and revenue. It helps that social media users are more interested in recommendations made by someone they see as an example. Here are some statistics: 70% of teens put their trust in influencers over traditional celebrities. Since Gen Z is a major consumer of social media consumer, companies should plan their digital marketing with this data. The more positive (positive) feedback you receive, the more likely it is to trigger your buying prospects.

Serves as a customer support phone number

Today’s customers would prefer to access the company on social media rather than send an email or a phone call. It is fast, easy, and makes the job done very efficiently and without waiting too long. A nice bonus is that your customers are also more likely to get a personal response from social media site management. Remember that 79% of customers expect a response from the company within 24 hours. This means you can’t leave your customers hanging when you get a DM on Instagram and you have to respond very quickly. As a result, you have a better chance of leaving a positive impression on your customers and telling them to leave a positive review about their customer experience.

It helps to get the latest promotions and discounts

Everyone loves free, and your customers are no different. When they follow you on Instagram or Facebook, they gain access to all posts and updates on your timeline or feed, including those that promote auctions or special discounts. This makes them want to click on the promotional announcement and perhaps consider purchasing.

Did you know that 64% of online customers wait for a sale before buying something they’ve been looking for for a long time? Not surprisingly, they jump at the chance to buy a product at a reduced price once it has been publicized on social media. You can use it to your advantage when deciding which posts you can create for maximum profit.

Allows dual interaction with products

While in the past some sort of business was often a distant business that could not be reached, today, the gap between company and customer is not so great. Social networking allows customers to interact with products by liking their posts, commenting on them, and sharing them with friends and family. This creates a very attractive environment where it is easy to build meaningful connections while establishing a good brand name. When building your social media presence, do not hesitate to respond to your audience messages and conduct surveys to learn more about each of your customers. If you listen to their responses and try to live up to your promise, consider your work done.

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